Sunday, October 4, 2015

Busiest Week Ever? Yes.

This is the busiest week ever. No joke. I woke up with a cold (thanks, Jackson!) and now get to plow through spirit week, testing week, Homecoming week, pep rally week, fighting it off. Add in volleyball, grad class, and teaching...and, well, it's going to be a long week. Thank goodness for weekends. Right? Well, this weekend was equally as busy.

Saturday we were up at school building Homecoming decorations with SGA. We had between 10-15 students show up. They moved all of our decor to the closest mechanical room, put together most of the decorations that could fit through doorways, and they generously entertained my children. Emma, who Lily was extremely excited to see, allowed Lily to follow her around. Remy happily glittered a poster with Lily. They let Lily help with the Homecoming banner. Jackson was getting a cold and he mostly followed me around like a little lost duck. Kenisha bought the kids Popsicles. When people wonder how I can do everything I tell them: my parents, my husband, and my really awesome students.

Today I took Lily to Target. Then, came home and tried to catch up on as much grading as I could. I did get most of it finished between hugs and snuggles from Jackson who has a full on cold. Tom took Lily to my parents to dinner, while I stayed home with the sick boy. We worked on arts and crafts, had dinner, and he took a nice bath. He went to be quite easily, which was lovely. Now, I hope he (and Lily) sleep well. I need them to stay healthy!

Here's to a busy week! I am looking forward to a fun spirit week.

Oh, and, our new enrichment program launched on Friday and it was, simply put, amazing. Big things are happening this year...and it's awesome.