Thursday, May 30, 2013


Last night, while brushing my teeth, I had this realization that Lily won't always want me to pick her up. And, even worse, at some point I won't be able to pick her up! I am not sure why I was thinking about this, but earlier that day she was doing her "Mama! Up! Up!" and it hit me that she won't want up forever. Talk about a ton of bricks.

Maybe it's because she's turning 2 and suddenly she isn't so toddler-ish anymore. In some ways, she still seems so young, but in other ways she seems like such a big girl. Like when she says "please" and "thank-you", or when Jack is crying and she says, "It's ok, Jack!" It's like she knows how to try and make him feel better.

I don't think there is any way to prepare you for your kids growing up. Part of me is sad that she won't be little forever. She won't be that smushy baby that she once was. But then, I think about growing up. I think about her learning to swim, and starting school, and playing sports (or dancing or whatever she wants to do), and learning to read, and all of the fun, exciting things that growing up entails. Then I realize, maybe that's why you are kid longer than you are a baby. You have so many fun things to do and experience and learn. And that part of growing up takes time.

I know, in time, Jack's baby-ness will fade, too. He will become a big(ger) boy. He will say, "up, mama, up!", but it won't last forever. So, for right now, I will snuggle him close and hold onto his baby-ness. I will soak in his brand new smells, and tickle his tiny toes. I will engrave every inch of his tiny little self in my mind.

As for Lily, I will indulge her in her "up, mama!" I will rock her to sleep, and read her books, and laugh at her silly faces. I am so glad that I have years to watch my children grow. I hope they can have long, healthy, fun childhoods. These days, it seems kids grow up so fast. I want Lily and Jack to hold onto childhood for as long as they can. To remain innocent. To remain curious. To remain children.

They say the best days of your life are high school or college or...but I think the best days are those carefree days of childhood. I hope Lily and Jack soak all of their childhood up. As their mama, I know I will.

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Shore

Yesterday, Jack visited the shore for the first time.

No, not the beach. (I live in Maryland, we don't go to the shore, we go downy oshun, hon).

The shore is a magical little house in Edgemere, Maryland where I spent all of my summers (and by spent I mean every Sunday because there isn't anywhere to sleep at the shore, or a shower...and it's only 30 minutes from my house). 

The shore smells of childhood. Why? Because there is a pool. There is open space to run around until your legs fall off. You can walk through the house dripping wet and not worry about ruining things. There are ducks to feed.

The shore holds my very best summer memories. I have been to the ocean. I have been to Mexico, and the Bahamas, and St. Maarten. But they don't compare to the shore. The shore is where I spent time with my family. I learned to swim there. I learned to dive into a pool there (I wouldn't recommend this method, the pool is only 4 feet deep). I played countless hours of very competitive pool volleyball. I sailed with my dad (in the early days of sailing I laid in the bottom of the boat and cried, a true sailor).

The shore is where I feel most connected to my grandma Fran, my Aunt Sis, and my Uncle Carl. I can picture them playing cards at the crowded table. I can see them fishing from the pier. I can feel their hugs. I miss them terribly, but at the shore, I don't miss them so much because I know they are there.

Not everyone has a shore, so I know how lucky I am. To have a place by the water is something so magical. Life moves a little slower. Priorities change a little. Time can almost stand still.

I want my children, Lily and Jack, to love the shore as much as I do. I want them to learn to swim in the pool (maybe not learn to dive...). I want them to run around the yard. I want them to fish and feed the ducks and the go sailing. I want them to enjoy their family. To learn from their family. To learn about their family. I want them to understand how important family is.

I think we are already taking the steps to Lily's appreciation of the shore. This summer, she can really begin to have fun down there. She loves to run around the yard and feed the ducks. I am sure, once the weather gets warmer and the pool is clean, she will love to swim. She is such an outside girl that a place like the shore is perfect for her.

I hope the shore always lives on. Yes, it's getting old. It probably needs some TLC. But I want it to be there for my kids. And their kids. And on and on...

I can't wait for this summer to the shore.

Lily and Pop on the pier


View from the backyard

Jack and Sara. Sorry about the pink hat, buddy.

Jack...not amused by the pink hat.

Lily testing the kayak on land.

Friday, May 24, 2013

It's Been a Week...

...and I survived work! Honestly, it wasn't terrible. My classes all seemed fairly happy to see me. The girls who I see when I have locker room duty were excessively happy to see me, which is funny because I don't see them for class (I barely know their names!).

My classes are all in pretty good spots. My honors 10 kids are reading Night and it's going really well. My AP kids are reading The Things They Carried. I think they are enjoying it. My standard class is in a tricky spot. They have been working on article analysis all week. We are in the middle of testing, so I have kids out from that class almost daily, which makes consistent instruction a challenge.

In some ways it is really nice to be back. I love seeing my friends. Being able to talk with them and laugh with them during the day is great! I am enjoying being back in my classroom. It is like the honeymoon period again, though, so we will see how I will feel by the very end.

Speaking of the very end-- it is coming! We have 14 days remaining, which is insane! We have 2 weeks of regular instruction, followed by a week of an exam schedule. The schedule is so weird. It is different from years prior because we don't have any half days at the end of the year. It will be an interesting adjustment, I think.

As far as home goes, the adjustment back to work seemed to go smoothly. Lily has been great all week and Jack is always great. I even made dinner all week (well, last night we ate at my mom and dad's and today we ate I made dinner for 3 nights...still an accomplishment!). I love coming home to MAMAMAMA! DADADADADA! and Lily's little clomping feet running toward us. I also love Jack's big smiles and coos. It is just wonderful.

Watching sister play at her water table.

Splish Splashing

Playing with her water table.

Big 3 month old!

Happy Baby!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I love to talk like my mama

Lily has been talking so much more lately. It's like a little switch was hit and she has started saying so many more things. Lately some of her words:

Hop-hopter (helicopter)
How you?
Luh you!
Hi Jack! (or mama, or dada, or Freddie)
Where ahhhh you? (In the morning, through the monitor, "Mama, dada, where ahhhh you?")
Fahted? (Farted?)
Yes (she answers yes to basically any question)
A, B, C, B, F, E, C (the alphabet)
Ehhplanes (airplanes)
I fine! (she falls and gets up and says this)
She touches your nose and says "honk!"
She touches her nose and says "beep!"
Bee-bees (Blueberries)
Beans-beans (green beans)

There are numerous other funny things the girl says. I really love how much she is talking lately. It makes our lives a lot easier. Her little ramblings are awesome. I love it!

Monday, May 20, 2013

At 23 Months Lily Loves...

At 23 Months Lily Loves...
1. ...blueberries. Her true food love.
2. ...being outside! Loves it...her happy place.
3. ...farting and saying EHHHH (think burping noise). She's a lady.
4. ...Barney. 'Nuf said.
5. ..."ms" known to the rest of the world as M&Ms.
6. ...books. All day and all night.
7. ...airplanes! Oh my goodness, she loves to point them out.
8. ...going on walks.
9. ...snacking. This girl could snack all day.
10. ...and, of course, mama and dada.
Newest word: "Hop-hopter" or helicopter

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Back to work I go...

Tomorrow I go back to work. How can 12 weeks already be over? It seems like Jack was just born, but somehow, on Thursday, he will be 3 months old! Tomorrow, Lily is 23 months old, and one month away from 2. Why do these babies grow up so quickly?

I am greeted with mixed emotions about going back to work. It's only for 19 days, so really, how much can I complain (a lot, probably...)? After those 19 days fly by it will be summer break, and I will be home with my babies again. Work is going to be hard for these 4 weeks. I have a lot to cover in a short period of time, and will likely have a few fires to put out from having a sub in for 12 weeks. Plus, we have HSAs. Those are always enjoyable.

On top of that, one of our students, a senior, committed suicide on Friday night, which I know will be hard for the school community to cope with. I did not teach the student, but knew her. Any child who dies is a tragedy, but there is something that makes it even harder to process when the child takes his or her own life. Graduation will certainly be hard this year (another student, a standout scholar and athlete passed away last year in his sleep, adding to the sadness surrounding this year's graduation exercises).

There are good things that come with going back to work. A paycheck. Those are nice. Seeing my colleagues and friends. I have missed them! The cheesy grin that greets when I get home. Those are all things I love!

I still can't believe my leave is over. It was really, very enjoyable. I will miss my babies while I work, but I know I have afternoons and weekends (and, soon, summer!) to play, and laugh, and have fun!

Almost 3 months old!

Sibling love.

Looking tan...Mom! I NEED A SNACK!

My little chunky dude!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Favorite Things

These are a few things that have made being a mommy of two much easier. I also have a list of favorite things at the top menu bar of my blog, but these are things that I would add to the list. Two of my high school classmates, Andrea and Tessa, have favorite things listed on their blogs. Check out Andrea's blog at and check out Tessa's blog at I think you will enjoy both!

Onto my list!

1. Calma Medela Bottle: Jack is EBF, but when I go back to work he will be on the bottle during the day. The Calma bottle is different than a regular bottle because the baby must create a vacuum to get milk. This imitates breast feeding, which works when the baby does the same thing. Unlike a traditional bottle, that, when flipped, drips milk, the Calma doesn't drip anything, which means the baby has to work for the food (like with breast feeding).

2. Sleep sacks. The one shown here is the Aden and Anais sleep sack. Jack is a little hot body, so we use the A and A sleep sacks because they are made of light cotton muslin. We also like the Halo sleep sacks, but they are a bit too heavy for Jack (even the cotton ones!). We love them because the baby cannot get tangled in them. Just zip up and go!

3. Medela Pump in Style breast pump. It's a breast pump. I don't think I need to explain too much. I use it once a day to build a stash of milk, and will use it when I go to work. Pumped for 12 months for Lily, and plan to for Jack. Plus, I really love all of the Medela products, so that makes the pump that much better!

4. Ergo baby carrier. Why didn't I get one sooner??? It is amazing! A bit expensive, but a real back saver. The Bjorn killed my back, and with a big baby things weren't going to get easier. This thing is like heaven in a baby carrier...and Jack likes it, too! It also has a pocket with a zipper, so I can stash my phone/money/keys/whatever when I go out.

5. Moby wrap. Allowed me to be hands free to chase Lily. It always calmed Jack right down, and fit snugly and comfortably on me. Recommended for newborn babies, but as they get older it stretched pretty easily.

6. Aden and Anais swaddle blankets. These things are HUGE and very soft. We use them for everything. Lily sleeps with one. Jack lays on them on the floor. They have cleaned up spit up. They are really wonderful. A bit expensive, but totally worth it. Plus, you get 4 in a set.

7. The Boppy pillow. Makes breast feeding easier. Good for baby propping and tummy time. Later, it's great to help baby learn to sit.

8. Rock and play by Fisher Price. I didn't have this with Lily, but it really saved us with Jack. He is a spit up baby, and for the first month of his life he slept in this next to our bed. It let him sleep on an incline, so he didn't spit up as much. Now, he naps in it from time to time, but it was really awesome for that first month (it helped me get sleep!).

9. Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper. Jack sleeps in this now. It is great. Plus, it's bigger than a bassinet, so he will (length wise) fit in it longer. It can be used as a bassinet or co-sleeper (just lower the one side). It comes with a fitted sheet, but I also found the Gerber Crib sheets fit it nicely, and cost much less!

10. Cloth diapers. Using them for Jack and love them! Easy to wash, easy to use, and very cute. Plus, they are cheaper than disposables (in the long run). I wrote a post on these here, so check that out for more info!

11. Snap and go. I use this with the Graco car seat when it's just me and Jack. It is so light, has a huge basket, and fits nicely in my car (Nissan Rogue). I wish I had one when Lily was a baby! It is great for the mall because it fits easily in the all of the stores between the clothing displays.

I could probably add more products to this list, but these are the things I use daily. (I received no compensation for any of the companies listed...I just love these things and want you to try them!)

So what makes your life easier?? What do you love?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Want it All...

...and I want it now! Ok, not really. I would love to have it all, though. Today, I read an article from Forbes magazine about working moms and "having it all". You can read the article here. The article talks about the female CEOs who have spoken out about being a mother and balancing work life. It also gives tips for managing life at home and work...also known as "having it all". So, can you have it all? Be a mom and a career woman? And, really, want does it mean to have it all?

I am going to try to answer this by doing the thing I tell my AP kids to never do...walk the line. Normally, I would take a hard and fast side and stick to it, but I think having it all truly depends on the situation.

For some, having it all probably means staying home. Being a stay at home mom can be completing fulfilling and, for some who can afford the option, is a way to have it all. Being home with your kids and running a household is work. It's hard work. It's something I cannot really speak to very well because I am a working mom. There are days I would love to be a SAHM. But my reality is that of a working mom (and will be for the rest of my is expensive!), so let me speak to that...
Having it all is about balance. It's about organization. It's about knowing what you want out of your job and your home life. Being a teacher, I think, helps this tremendously. I work 7:00am-2:20pm. Yes, I bring work home. I grade when kids nap. But I am home every afternoon. I also have my weekends to play with my kids. Yeah, there is housework, but my kids nap and go to be at decent times, so I work the housework in during those times. I also split time with my husband, so if I need to do something he watches the kids.
See? Balance.
Being a teacher also affords me summers off. Ok, affords is the wrong term because money gets tight by August, but I have the option to take the summer off (I did work summers before I had kids) because my husband works. He works at a camp and umpires, which, coupled with savings that we build during the school year, pays for our summer expenses. I get major holidays off. When my kids start school I will work their in school hours. The only drawback is that I won't get to see them off on their first days of school (and that does make me a little sad).
So what about other professions? I think the same things apply. You don't get the same hours off, but you can apply the same principles. Balance and organization are HUGE. My mom was a nurse and my dad worked in an office (he commuted 1.5-2 hours to and from work), while I was a kid and they always made it work. I never felt I missed time with them and always felt loved for and provided for. I never wanted. We all had dinner together. We had fun on the weekends. I still played softball and soccer and volleyball. I remember all of these things when I feel the mom guilt creeping up on me. I remember that both of my parents worked and my brother and I never felt neglected. We never missed anything. We always knew we were their first priority.
Yes, my priorities have changed since I had kids. They come first, always. I rearranged how my house runs. I refigured money. I changed things. I gave up a few things I would want in favor of what my family needs. And it works. And, I think, I do have it all. At least, I have it all according to me. I have a lovely, happy family. I have hard, sometimes frustrating, but fulfilling job (I just focus on as much positive as I can-- if I only dwelled on the negative, my head would explode). I can live in my kids' world and in my own adult world.
I also have help from family and friends, which is a huge help. My mom is my daycare. We did use a home daycare for one year, and we loved it. My mom was able to stop working to watch the kids, so that is why we switched after one year. We are very lucky.

At the end of the day ask yourself-- am I happy? Are my kids happy (and, remember, don't project what you if you think "they miss me all the time" they probably do miss you, but it doesn't mean they are unhappy)? Am I doing good work (no matter how appreciated, doing good work and being thanked are two different things)? Am I being a good person? If you answered yes, then I would say you have it all.
So do you have it all? Can you? My friend, Angela, talks about it on her blog here. Tell us what you think!
(After rambling about this...I could have said, "Having it all is about balance and finding happiness. Find balance and happiness and you have it all.")

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oh Lily...

This kid does, and says, some crazy things. Today, we went for a walk once the weather got nicer. We were walking around 5 pm, so people were out grilling. I said, "Lily, smell that? It smells like grilling. It smells like summer!" She looked at me, pinched her nose, and said, "PEEE YEWWW!" Apparently, grilling smells appalling to her.

Other things she says:

Now she farts, says "I farted" and then, when you ask her "what do you say?" (hoping she will say "excuse me") she says, "BURRRRPPPPP" (but more the noise of burping). Then laughs hysterically.

She was saying her ABCs, which goes something like "A, B, F". Then, "A, B, F, C, circle". She is slowly getting closer to knowing them. She also knows O. Because it looks like a circle. Her favorite shape.

Her age is so much fun. It is also pretty hard. She is still the queen of tantrums. I think because, while she is talking much more, she can't fully communicate with sentences or articulate what she wants all the time. She obviously knows, but she can't quite tell us. I know it's coming. She says new things all the time, and definitely repeats what we say. But I am surely looking forward to the day when she talks fluently.

I know my kid isn't the only funny one. What does your kid say?

She blogs, too.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's day late...

So my Mother's Day post is a day late. Yesterday, I had a delicious brunch at my mom and dad's house (blueberry french toast bake thing, egg casserole, bacon, and fruit yum!) and basically laid around all day with the kids. Jack had the crankiest day he has had since birth (no joke), so there was a lot of rocking and soothing Jack.

Being a mother was always the one thing I knew I wanted to be. As a little girl, I would play dolls and house. I regularly married my friend Brad. I really enjoyed reinforcing stereotypical gender roles. Ha. As I got older, I loved to babysit. I was so excited to see my baby cousins and ohh and ahh over their baby-ness. Being a mom is something that I always imagined for myself.

So now I am a mom. Yes, it's not always roses. There is snot, and poop, and vomit. There are sleepless nights. There is worry. Constant worry. Not only over the well-being of your children, but over the "I am doing this right" question. There are days when you can't wait for the kids to be asleep, so you can get a minute to yourself. There are those days and those things.

But there are also baby smiles and belly laughs. Newborn new-ness against your chest. Little footsteps daintily running around the house. There are first words. First steps. First "I LUH YOUs". There is a sense of being needed the way only moms are needed. There is the feeling that the world is better when you wrap your arms around a little scared or worried toddler. For every gross or tiring or "bad" thing there are a million good ones.

That is what I love about motherhood.

Every single moment of every single day is a new adventure. A new word. A new reason to laugh. A new reason to smile.

I never knew I could love two little beings as much as I love Lily and Jack. My heart opened wide when Lily was born and, somehow, it opened even wider when Jack arrived. Mrs. Duggar's heart must have exploded long ago (or she might not even remember, her mommy brain has to be out of control).

I absolutely love being a mom. I truly do. I am thankful each day for my children, who made me a mommy. I am thankful for my mom who set such a wonderful, powerful example of what a mom should be. Someone who loves, and loves, and loves...and sends you to school unless you are dying. I am thankful for my grandmothers and their love. I know they are watching over me and loving their great-grandchildren. I am thankful for my godmother and the love she shows me. I am thankful for all of the moms in my life. Who lift me up, laugh with me, and cry with me. What a sisterhood!

So, go on moms, celebrate yourself! You deserve it. You also deserve a million dollars for your job; however, I cannot supply that. If you know who can, please, let me know!

Here are a few pictures from my Mother's Day:

Whispering secrets into her brother's ear.

My kiddies.

That's my brother! (Jack: I AM?!)

Oh sis! You are really letting me use your phone? Thanks!

Lily and Pop playing with chalk.

Lily and Pop

Jack and Grandma

Uncle Tim doing what he normally does...

Friday, May 10, 2013

Colds, colds, colds

I normally update this more than once a week, but this week we have been dealing with a sick Lily. Sick Lily is not fun Lily. Though, I am told that I acted the same exact way, so this must be paybacks or something.

Tom decided to take Wednesday off because baseball season ended (the regular season, anyway) and he wanted to take a day. Of course, Murphy's Law of Parenting states "if you take a day off from work to spend with your family, your child will get sick". Little known fact, but it's true.

2:30am Wednesday morning we hear crying. Lily is crying and she's hot, so she joins us in our room. She dozes from 2:30a-5:00a (after getting some Tylenol in her...also not fun). From 5:00-6:30 she watched Sprout in our room. I had to feed Jack at 5:00, so I sat up with her. Tom took her downstairs at 6:30, so I could sleep a little more. Poor girl had a 101 degree temperature and snot that would not give up. Gross. She was also super clingy, whiny, and crying. Once she got up she didn't really want to eat or drink, but somehow, got energy enough to do laps around the coffee table.

I am not sure how sick kids summon energy to play. When I am sick I am basically a useless lump. I am still a stellar patient.

So all of Wednesday was basically fever, snot, medicine, crying, clinging, repeat. My mom came over while Lily was napping, so Tom and I could go to lunch (P.F. Chang's-- yum!).

Thank goodness, Jack is a perfect baby. For serious. He was just happy and quiet and pleasant all day. I am hoping Lily did not share her germs, or that breast milk is super amazing and prevents him from illness. It is not easy to keep Lily away from her brother! Girl loves that little boy and wants to kiss him all the time!

I didn't get pictures of my patient on her worst sick day, but here is the day before (when I should have known she was getting sick). She is playing "sleep".

Jack was my happy man, though, he looks a little sad in this picture. I love his froggy hat! Everything is six months in size...he isn't so little!

My parting thought: I hope I don't get sick. Mommies don't have time to be sick! (This should be a law: moms around the world should always be healthy...they have too much to do!!)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Toddle Along Tuesday

Linking up with Growing Up Geeky for Toddle Along Tuesday! This week's topic: awesome things your kids say.

Lemme be honest, the most awesome thing my kid says is...LUH YOU! Translated: love you! And I love it. I waited for forever (ok, not forever, really only months) for the girl to say I love you back. Now, she says it whenever you tell her you love her. In her little Lily voice. And I eat it up. It melts me.

She also says some funny things. She is still learning to develop sentences (we get a lot of one word answers), but she is starting to give us sentences and questions. When she cannot find someone she says, "Where ahhh you???" Which is adorable. The other day, while blowing bubbles, whenever she got a good bubble she would say "I DID IT!" Whenever she messed up and no bubble came out she would say, "Oops! I sorry!" It was so cute. I am not sure why she was sorry, but in her 22 month old head, she was sorry for something!

I love watching her grow up and learn so many new things. Language is no exception. Not only does it make easier for us to parent because we know what Lily needs or wants, but also because she understands more of what we are saying.

It is also a little bonus when she mispronounces things or says something totally off the wall. We all get a little laugh!

2 Month Stats

Today Jack had his 2 month appointment. He is a BIG boy! He is...

15 pounds, 2 ounces
26.5 inches

According to the Carter's clothing tags he is one pound shy of outgrowing the 6 month clothing! Ah! I have mostly 6 month stuff for the summer, so it looks like by the end of the summer my baby will be in 9 month clothing. I also don't think he will be long for the infant car seat. I believe our car seat goes to 30 inches for height, and my guy is 3.5 inches away from that. AH! Nuts!

I cannot believe Jack is so big already. He is only 2 months old, so he is still my little baby, but it feels like he is already 6 months old. It is crazy! I love watching my little man grow...I just wish he would slow down a little bit!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I wish I had my camera...

This story starts before the need for the camera, so let me begin with a story that started twenty years ago (eeps! I didn't realize it was that long ago...). Twenty years ago my brother was six years old in Mrs. Kimble's first grade class. That really doesn't mean much, except that it lets all of you (what, like all 6 of you?) know how I met Lexie.

Me and Lexie, December 2009
Lexie is Topper's older sister. According to Topper, we are mere apprentices (he confused apprentice with acquaintance a long time ago), not really friends. As apprentices, we did things like have a spy club, attend art camp, and host a radio show (which we recorded on cassette tapes on a radio with a tape deck).

**Side Note: The radio shows were fairly awesome. They featured the Mars Supermarket jingle, had great music, and even had guest spots such as Dr. Love and his sidekick (otherwise known as Topper and Tim).**

(I am telling this story in the most long-winded way possible...)

The following are a series of pictures that appear on a box that Lexie made me for my 17th birthday. Enjoy.

Hard to believe I was this attractive when I was 10 years old.

We played a lot of trouble.

These two studs...

This was NYE 1999. Remember Y2K?
Moving on...

We grew up and got married. Lexie married Sam, they grew up next door to each other, in June 2009, and then I married Tom in December (and she was in my wedding). In March 2009 Tom and I bought a house, which, coincidentally, is right next door to Sam's sister Stacey and her family. Got that?

Ok, good.

Stacey and Matt have three kids- Abby, Charlie, and Andrew. Abby has quickly become Lily's best friend (whether Abby knows that or not). Lily looks outside the door and says "Abby?" She waits for her to come home from school. She follows her around like a puppy. Lily loves Abby.

I think Lily and Charlie might be starting a relationship. Maybe Charlie learned a thing or two about dating the girl next door from his Uncle Sam. So far, they were hugging in the backyard, he invited her to his secret hiding place, and they chased each other in the yard. I am pretty sure that is love for a 2 and 3 year old.

Ok, now I am finally getting to why I needed a camera. Aren't you glad you are still reading?

Abby was making some mud, so Lily had to watch. Lily helped Abby mix the mud and poke things in the dirt. It was really sweet. And by sweet, I mean kind of messy, and a "Emily, let her play in the dirt and stop being weird and let her get dirty" kind of way. So I let her poke the mud and imitate Abby stirring her potion. I have to say, Abby may be 5, but she is amazing with Lily. She could easily push her aside and do her big girl thing, but she is so patient and explains everything to Lily. She treats her like a friend. One of Lily's very first friends. Cue a tear in mama's eye.

That is why I wish I had my camera. I would have loved to take a picture of the girls exploring the dirt. Looking for bugs. Examining tree goop. Making mud. Being kids.

I hope Lily remembers all of this. I hope she stays a kid for a very long time. That her growing up is slow, and sweet, and filled with more muddy moments with her friends.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013