This is how we got here...

Tom and I met 4 years ago, in August 2007. We both started working at the same high school at the same time, and were both nervous first year teachers. I was assigned lunch duty (this story is getting more and more romantic, isn't it?) and he had first floor hall duty. The first floor is very dull, as in, no teacher is really needed for hall duty because maybe 2 classes meet down there. Tom would stand with the lunch duty teachers, instead of wandering the hall. Initially, I was supposed to stand by the deli line, so there I stood, bored, trying not to watch the kids (this is gross, just take my word), alone. One day Tom came over and we started talking and he asked if I wanted to go to happy hour with some of his department. I said yes, he got my number and that was that. On Friday we were the only ones to show up to happy hour and we talked for 3 hours. The only reason we left is because I knew my dog needed to go out.

Let's replay this moment a few years later...Brian (our athletic director) tells me that he bet Tom that he (Tom) couldn't get my number. I think Brian lost. Again, the story gets more and more romantic.

So we dated for a year, the date that commemorates our couple status is November 7, and then we got engaged! We were engaged December 13, 2008 and basically everyone knew that we was getting engaged except for me. That morning I went to see Twilight with Becky, and that evening I was hosting a Christmas party. After the movie Tom and I went home and decided to relax before we needed to get ready for the party. I was sitting at the dining room table on my computer, the Christmas tree was behind me and I was paying no attention to anything that Tom was doing. He said, "there are a lot of new teacher ornaments this year" to which I replied "Yep." Then he said, "look at this one." He wanted me to turn around. I did not. He handed me the ornament, it was a Peanuts classroom ornament. I say, "I love it! It's so cute!" He is getting a little frustrated because I soooo cannot play this game. He says, "LOOK AT THE CHALKBOARD." So, I finally look at the chalkboard. It said "Ms. Rosen will you marry me?" I say "are you kidding?" about 1,000 times. Tom says, "say something." And I finally said yes.

We were married December 18, 2009. Almost a year to the date that we were engaged. It was magical. It snowed, well, blizzarded. Luckily, it blizzarded during the reception and we were able to have the ceremony and the reception without a problem. It was perfect. I couldn't have imagined our wedding any other way. It was so filled with love, and beauty, and family, and friends.

Fast-forward. October 10, 2010. At 7:30am I decide to pee on a stick. It tells me I am PREGNANT. I tell Tom, we laugh. We giggle. Nine months later, we have Lily. And so the newest chapter in our life begins.