Monday, August 14, 2017

My dearest little Harper,

I never blog anymore, so I haven't written nearly the number of posts about you that I have about your brother and sister. I have your monthly pictures, but no monthly updates. You were born nearly 4 months ago, but there's been no birth story.

So what have I been doing?

Well, I've been staring into your big, blue eyes. I've been smiling at you, just so you'll grin back. I've been breathing in your baby smells and committing each detail of your baby-ness into my memory because you are our last baby. You don't sleep very well during the day, but have been a great night sleeper since the second week of your life. You have these delicious rolls on your legs and arms and have this adorable double chin that you've had since you were born. You squeal and giggle and coo because you have already figured out that getting a word in around here is a challenge and you need to start early if you're going to a word in. You are the apple of Lily's eye and will be forever protected by Jackson. You like to grab my hair while your nurse. You also seem to like me a lot because you cried for basically everyone else until about a week ago. You are a little angel right here on earth and I am so happy to be your mama.

So you may not have the number of blog posts dedicated to you that your brother and sister do, but know that my time has not been wasted. I've been loving on you. Soaking up these early months of your life before you aren't a baby anymore. I've been sharing the pride and joy that Lily and Jackson just exude when the see you. You complete us in every way. I am so glad you're here.

Love, Mama