Jack's Spaces

Finally! Pictures of Jack's room! We aren't quite finished yet, but we are 90% there. I need to get a mirror on the wall above the changing table, and I want to get pictures in frames. We went with a baseball/sports theme. I didn't want an overly baby room (didn't with Lily, either), so this is what I came up with.

This is a panorama of the room.

The crib. I got mostly orange, blue, and brown crib sheets. The blue blanket was made by Nee, Jack's great-grandma. The crib is Ikea.

The inspiration for the room. I got this from Etsy, it's called Baltimore Sports ABCs. Tom likes it because it has the Ravens. I like it because it has the Orioles and the Ravens. If you notice, B stands for Brooks, D for Dempsey, L for Lewis, etc...We got the color scheme from this print.

The built in changing table area. Built, originally, for Lily's nursery. I love this area.

Above the crib on the longer wall.

Above the light switch, next to the door.

Opposite the crib. These are the newborn hospital pictures.

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