Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

Well, Christmas has come and gone. We had a very busy holiday this year. The 23rd we went to Tom's parents to open gifts, the 24th we had Christmas Eve dinner here at our house, Christmas day we went back to Jefferson for Christmas lunch with Tom's family, that evening we had dinner at my parents, the 26th we had Christmas with my mom's family, and the 27th we had lunch with my dad's family. PHEW! After the run around of visiting and Christmas celebrations, we had to work on Lily's big girl room and Jack's nursery. Lily's room is finished, but Jack's still has a bit to go.

Rather than recounting each day, here are some pictures of Lily's 2nd Christmas (and our last as a family of 4 (counting Fred)!)...

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

18 months!

Due to the holiday, I almost forgot Bean's 18 month update! Whoops!

At 18 months Bean loves...
1. ...talking. Not really actual talking, though she says a TON of words now, she mostly babbles to herself while walking around on a play phone.
2. ...the Wiggles. She dances her little booty off.
3. dolls. Loves to carry one around, sleep with one, feed one...
4. ...drinking out of adult cups.
5. ...building with blocks.
6. ...saying "Ut-oh" when she does things on purpose.
7. ...helping mommy in the bathroom (so, handing me toilet paper and flushing the toilet).
8. ...any and all carbs. She is my carb baby.
9. ...chocolate! She is her mother's daughter.
10. ...and, of course, mama and dada!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve!

My family just left after Christmas Eve dinner, and I am winding down for the night, so I thought I would write a quick Christmas Eve update.

Yesterday, we went to Tom's parents for lunch and to open gifts. We usually do this Christmas morning before we go to Nee's, but with Lily's nap schedule, we figured it would be easier to break up the two gatherings. Lily got a Little People Disney Princess Castle, a Water Baby (I had a water baby!), extra princesses for the castle (including Ariel and Eric's underwater chariot thingy), new clothes, a new book, play food, and a rocking horse! She made out very well at grandma and grandpa's. She is a bit scared of the horse, so she won't get on it yet (I think I am going to need Averi or Dillon to show her how it's done). The girls LOVES the castle though. Especially all the noise it makes (and man does it make noise...over and over and over...).

Today, we had a pretty relaxing day. It snowed! Lily saw maybe one brief snowfall last year around Halloween, and then we had a snow free winter. Today, we got a pretty solid dusting, so we were able to go outside and make snowballs and walk around. I think she liked it. Really, she liked being outside. It was fun to see her in the snow for the first time. She was all bundled up, and just looked so cute!

After the snow fun, we came in and waited for my parents, pop-pop, and Tim and Sara to come over. We had a yummy shrimp dinner (amongst other yummy things), and opened gifts. Lily got new DVDs, new books, a Little People race track, an ornament, a submarine for the tub, a LSU sock monkey, and...I am sure I am missing things...but she tore through her gifts! She really likes the race track and played with that immediately after she got it out of the wrapping (and uncle Time put it together).

Jack even got some Christmas presents this year! Uncle Brad and Aunt Mandy got him a travel sound machine for the car seat, and Uncle Tim and Sara got him very cute onesies and pants. I can't wait to get him in the cute little outfits!

After Lily went to bed, Tim, Tom, and Sara put Lily's gift from Santa-- a kichen-- together. They had SO much fun. We watched some Christmas shows on TV, and I am.

I am pretty sure my cough is never going away. I feel pretty fine except for this nagging cough. The nasal spray has helped a ton with my crazy congestion, so I am just waiting for the cough to go away. Doctors have told me that my lungs are clear, so the cough is just annoying and persistent. I am hoping it goes away on its own soon, or back to the doctor I shall go.

Tomorrow is Christmas! I am looking forward to giving Lily her gifts and spending more time with family. We have a lot of Christmas happening this year-- Wednesday we are celebrating with my mom's family and Thursday with my dad's. This is one busy break!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


I have been starting and restarting different blog posts in my head. Up until Friday the blog was going to be about how I am 30 weeks pregnant, cannot get rid of a lovely cold, and how big Lily is getting. Then the elementary school shooting in Connecticut happened, and my thoughts shifted. I thought about what I would say, what I would write. Gun control? Talking to kids about violence? How sad it all makes me feel? There are so many directions in which to go...

One of the things that has gone nuts on Facebook is the idea that having prayer, or God, in schools will solve these problems. Honestly, I don't think this could be further from the truth. There is not a doubt in my mind that people were praying in that school when the gunman entered the school. I can gaurentee that teachers who were hiding their kids, or reading them stories were saying prayers that they would be ok, that their kids would be ok. Furthermore, the gunman wasn't from the school; he forced his way into the school. I know God was there when Victoria Soto systematically hid her children, losing her own life when she protected theirs. I know God was there when police and teachers escorted scared children to a safe area. He was there.

At a time in history when a much larger atrocity was occurring (please don't misconstrue this as my saying worse-- any loss of life at the hands of evil is horrible whether it be the loss of 1 life or the loss of 11,000,000- suffering is suffering, tragedy is tragedy), the Holocaust, Elie Wiesel looks back and writes of his experience while watching a young child get hanged:

The two adults were no longer alive. Their tongues hung swollen, blue-tinged. but the third rope was still moving; being so light, the child was still alive...For more than half an hour he stayed there, struggling between life and death, dying in slow agony under our eyes. And we had to look him full in the face. He was still alive when I passed in front of him. His tongue was still red, his eyes were not yet glazed. Behind me, I heard the same man asking: “Where is God now?” And I heard a voice within me answer him: “Where is He? Here He is—He is hanging here on this gallows.”

While many passages in Night cut to the core of my soul, make me feel a sadness that not many books have made me feel...this passage is one that is particularly touching. The thought of watching a young boy die on gallows, the thought of seeing him still is something that is hard for me to think about. The part at the end- the part about God- can be read, I think, in two ways. The first, is that God died on the gallows when the boy died...that, for Elie, God not longer exists. However, I read this a bit differently. When Elie thinks that God is on gallows, I imagine that God is with the young boy. That in his final, horrible moments on Earth, God is there, with the boy, on that gallows.

I have to believe that in their last moments on Earth, that God was with those little children. He was in that school. He was there. He may not be explicitly taught. Formal prayers may not be said. But God is there. It is horrible that 20 little children were killed on Friday, it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. But I know, in their final moments God carried them. He took them home.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's been...well...a long time.

So...I know, it's been 2 weeks? Maybe more? I, apparently, have lost track of time. Anyhow, things have been busy around here! Thanksgiving happened. Work happened. Christmas is about to happen. I reached week 29 of my pregnancy (woo!). It is just busy around here! That, and Tom got a sinus infection, I got cold...and then...I got another cold! My immune system is not so quick to the uptake this pregnancy. Stinky. I have this awesome cough right now that just does not look good on me.

So-- first update-- my little Beanie Boo. She is almost 18 months (well, in a few weeks) and is just a crazy, wonderful, happy toddler. She is a picky eater sometimes, but overall, eats pretty well. She loves carrots and tolerates peas and green beans. She also loves edamame. She will eat any fruit that is placed in front of her. She loves chicken nuggets. She also likes bacon. She loves yogurt. My food philosophy with her right now is to let her try whatever she shows interest in and not to force anything. I don't want her to hate foods because they were forced-- I want her to come to them herself. She LOVES milk. She prefers water through a straw. She shows a strong interest in coffee (too bad she has to wait for that one). She also LOVES pumpkin spice bagels with cream cheese. If mama or dada is eating it-- she wants it. No matter what it is.

She is running these days. Spinning in circles. "Jumping". Dancing. Rocking in chairs (even ones that don't rock). She crawls through her pop up tunnel. She chases big kids around. She mothers little kids (she checks Kenzi's diaper for poop, even though I am not sure she knows what she is looking for...). She gives hugs and kisses. She can find her brubber Ack. She laughs, and giggles, and smiles.

Her word list includes: mama, dada, Fred, dog-dog, apple (whispered, though), more, all done, rock, walk, baby, nose, moo, pop, mine, hohoho (her Christmas "word"), watch, Elmo, book, duck, hello, bye, hi, caw! (Go Ravens!), car, airplane, thank you (plus the sign), and there are others...but that is all I got right now...haha.

My pregnancy is just reaching the 29.5 week mark. I am pretty uncomfortable. So far things have been pretty easy (except that morning sickness in the first trimester...), but the third trimester is lending itself to pretty significant exhaustion, round ligament pain, and some uncomfortable hips (and lower back). Jack definitely wiggles a lot. He likes to kick and jab and poke and I LOVE it. Feeling him move around is definitely one of, if not the, best part of pregnancy. I love imagining what he will look like and what his personality will be like. I am slowly prepping everything for him. Over break we will work on getting the nursery all really, getting a bassinet, and washing newborn clothes and cloth diapers.

Currently, we are on baby Jack size watch. He is measuring in the 76%, but I am measuring 4 weeks ahead, so the doctor wants to monitor his size closer to the end of the pregnancy. Lily was 8 pounds and 10 ounces, so he could be a big boy. As long as he is a healthy boy...that is what really matters.

Let's see what else...this post is getting lengthy. I have many other things to write, but will save them for other posts. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the holiday season! I am loving it!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

17 Months! Whattttttt?

At 17 Months Bean Loves...
1. ...crawling through her tunnel and playing "peekers".
2. ...milk. Seriously. Can't get enough.
3. ...drinking in a big girl cup (meaning through a straw or from a glass).
4. This means her baby doll. She carries her everywhere.
5. ...eating whatever you have. Pushing away whatever she has.
6. ...pumpkin spice bagels with cream cheese.
7. ...Averi. Following her around. Dancing like her. Sitting next to her.
8. ...finding mommy's belly so she can hug and kiss baby "Ack".
9. ...dancing to the Wiggles. Running in place (she's a maniac!). Jumping.
10. ...and, of course, mama and dada!

Friday, November 16, 2012

November 16

So, I know, I missed two of my thankful days, so I will make those up later. I wanted to write today's thankful blog because it comes from something that I found out today.

A little back story...I coached volleyball at OM for 3 years. When I became a coach I met Jane* (name changed because I am not sure she would want her name used). From the minute I met her, I know this student was special. She was outgoing, funny, and bright. I had the pleasure of teaching her when she took English 10 and she was also my student aide. I developed a really good relationship with Jane over the 4 years that I knew her. She had a lot going on her life, but she was always smiling. When she graduated, she was one of the those who I knew I would miss.

Today, I got a message from her that she is home from college because she has a kidney problem that doctors cannot identify. She has been in and out of a hospital for 22 days, but the problem is recurring and she ends up back in the hospital. She said she is trying to stay upbeat, and her friends have been great with visiting her. My breaks for her because she is young and healthy, and is just starting the best years of her life (well, in my opinion). Now, she is sidetracked because of her silly kidneys (we called them this in an email).

The point of conveying this story is sort of two-fold I guess...first, is because everyday I am thankful for my health and the health of those I love.

Second, is because her note came at a perfect time. Despite it's sad message, it reminded me why I love my job. In the midst of a weird year (I say weird because we are in such limbo with common core, new curriculum, and other major changes), Jane wrote me a note that I needed to read. She said she missed me, and wanted to know how Lily is doing. I know that I am not making a difference in every student who walks through the door, but I know for certain I made a difference in Jane's life. I am thankful for the Janes in the world. Those students who remind me why I teach, and that even on my hardest days, I may be making a difference for one student and not even realize it.

Lately, it has been so easy to get caught up in the minutiae of the job. To be frustrated by the 5 problem kids, rather than teach to the 100 good ones. To keep your cool when a kid gives attitude, questions your authority, or curses at you (or someone else). This year has been a challenge in many ways, and we (BCPS teachers) have many changes coming. I am thankful, though, for the students who remind me that what I do is valuable. That there are ears that do hear me. I will continue to have good days and bad ones, good classes and bad ones, but as long as I can remind myself of what is important and get back to center, I know I will be ok.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 12 and 13

On November 12 I am thankful for other moms. I have learned so much from the other moms in my life. I have shared my worries, my joy, and my tears with moms who I work with, who are part of my family, who I went to high school with...the list goes on. These relationships are so valuable to me because they help me stay sane when things get crazy, especially in the act of trying to balance work and home. In a time when there seems to be such dissonance in the parenting community- organic or not? cloth or not? attachment or not?- I am happy that I have moms in my life who are about building each other up and not judging each other. Thanks, moms!

November 13- I am truly and utterly thanksful that I have a filter. If not, I would have probably lost my job by now. Thanks filter! (and I am oh-so-serious about this!)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 11

Today, I am thankful for our veterans. I am especially thankful for those in my family who served. My pop pop fought in WWII in Germany, and I am so proud to say that he served our country. I also have friends who are currently enlisted, and I am in awe of their bravery and courage. Thank-you, sincerely, for everything do you.

On a completely unrelated note, Tom and I decided to try cloth diapers for Jack. Let me clarify early, I am not really an environmental person, so I am making no claim that this effort is to the save the world. If you know me, you know I drink water out of disposable plastic water bottles (every single day), I just started recycling when my brother (he is an environmentalist) bought us a huge blue recycling bin, and I am definitely not the outdoor type (I like beaches). I talked it over with Tom and decided this would save money in the long run. I am going with the cheapest cloth diapers (covers and pre-folds, which are the diapers your mom may have used on you from a diaper service) because they fit our budget the best. I also looked into it and found that Tide Regular Powder is great for washing, so we are going with that. Yes, it means more laundry, but the cost of the water is negligible compared to disposable diapers. My mom is on board (which is important for when she starts watching Jack after I go back to work). I got a few different covers and diapers to try, and once we test we will see what works best. I am excited to try something new. It will definitely be trial and error, but I think it will be worth it. I will be sure to update on how the whole process works!

Another update: Lily's big girl room is painted! Woo! After the room is dry and touches up are finished, I am putting her bed together (and by this, I mean washing the linens and making the bed). Then, we need curtains, shades, a rug, and end table and the room should be ready to go. We are looking to get her moved in over winter break, so if the transition is a bit rocky we will have time off to nap when we miss sleep. Wish us luck!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

One Thankful November...

So, on Facebook people have been doing 30 days of thanks. I thought about doing it on FB, but decided to do it here, instead. I am, obviously, behind the curve, so I need to catch up. These are in random are days 1-10:

11/1: I am thankful for my daughter, Lily. She is the absolute light of my life. The day she was born I was completely changed. I love her more than I ever imagined I could love. She is funny, smart, and kind (and sometimes a little grumpy). Being a mommy is the greatest gift I have been given. I love my little Bean.

11/2: I am thankful for my little Jack. He isn't here yet, but he is growing and growing everyday. I am so looking forward to his arrival! He is a little mover and shaker, so I am sure Tom and I are in for it. I can't wait for Lily to be a big sister; she is so nurturing to her dolls (and to Kenzi) that I know she will do an amazing job!

11/3: I am thankful for my husband, Tom. He is really my rock. He always makes me feel safe and loved. He talks more than I do, which makes me look not so crazy (hehe). He can make me laugh when I am sad and tolerates my food mood swings. He is a wonderful daddy to Lily (and to Fred, I am honestly surprised he hasn't tried to sell the poor dog yet). I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!

11/4: I am thankful for my parents. First of all, they didn't decide to sell me to the zoo when I cried for the first nine months of my life. Or when I peed in, and ruined, an armchair. Phew! They set a wonderful example of what a marriage should be. They also showed me how to be wonderful parents. I love watching them with Lily, and Lily truly loves them. I love them infinity!

11/5: I am thankful for Pop. He has taught me a love of sports, especially baseball and football. He has shown me that you should always work hard for your family. Watching him read to Lily, and watching Lily light up when she sees her "double pop" is truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

11/6: I am thankful for my brother. I am not really sure why...just kidding! Tim is always there for me, even when we have been separated by 18 hour car rides. He was the first person to know that Lily would be joining our family because my parents can't answer a phone. He is funny, if not downright sarcastic. He is a wonderful uncle to Lily, and to Fred, as well (well, he likes to torture Fred...). I am so proud if him and all of the work he has accomplished. He truly amazes me.

11/7: I am thankful for my doggie Fred. Fred has been with me since I started living on my own. He is fairly annoying and a super nudge, but he is so lovey and snuggly. He can be crazy and rambunctious, or comatose and lazy, but he is always loyal. Lily loves him to pieces, and I think he loves her when she isn't trying to pull his tail off of his body. He is a great little dog.

11/8: I am thankful for my godmother, Sandy. My aunt has always been there for me. She has shown me the importance of family and of keeping traditions. She is there when I need her and is always on my side. I am so thankful that my parents made the decision to have her as my godmother. I love her very much.

11/9: I am thankful for all of my cousins: Theresa, Gregory, Erin, Connor, Meghan, Katelyn, Sean, Meredith, Josh, Allyson, John, Campbell, Keller, Blake, and Pierce. They say cousins are your first friends and I do believe that. I have such amazing memories of summers at the shore or grandma's, Christmas dinners, Thanksgiving celebrations, and birthdays. I feel so lucky that I have grown up in such a wonderful family.

11/10: I am thankful for my aunts and uncles. They are funny. They are loving. They have given me such a special gift- memories that I know I will always carry with me. Their stories of their own childhoods and the family from which I come will always be close to my heart. I said it before, but I am so fortunate to come from a family that is filled with such love.

So those are my first 10 days. Here's to 20 more! (Now, I need to think of 20 more things I am thankful for...hmmm...text bed...)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dear Facebook Users...

Please save your political opinions for a better forum, especially your ignorant, rude opinions. This election season has really brought out the true colors of people on Facebook. Hiding behind a computer it is very easy, I think, to voice your opinions about things and, A. be totally uninformed, but think you sound super smart, and B. not have the fear of someone calling you out to your face. I don't generally air my political leanings on any public forum because, well, they are personal. If you know me well, you probably know my party alignment and what I believe, but that information is just not for everyone to know. When I was little, I can remember my parents talking about elections and voting and I don't think I even knew their political viewpoints. This may be because, as a 5 year old, I didn't really "get" politics, but I also think it's because politics are private. Maybe to be debated and discussed with close friends (or an AP English class...), but not to share with every acquaintance (and, let's face it, stranger) you have.

That being said, I am particularly disgusted with the narrow-mindedness of some people. I will probably focus, here, on more conservative comments I have read because I haven't seen many disparaging comments from a liberal base (the liberal base seems to be more rah! rah! Obama). This is my favorite recent comment from multiple FB sources:

"Obama will take the early lead on Tuesday. Then the Republicans will catch up when they get off of work."

How close minded. I have many friends and family members who are democrats. Every single one of them has a job. They are teachers, businessmen, nurses, etc...Each one of them pays their own way and works hard for their families. Republicans aren't the only people who work. This comment seems totally off base and completely, and utterly ignorant (not to mention rude). (And, many will, but please don't read into this as my own political inclination, I think anyone who read this would see how awful the comment is...)

I have also read numerous lies about the referendums passed in Maryland. There were three referendums passed in Maryland that made local, and national, headlines. They are:

1. The Dream Act
2. Marriage Equality
3. Expanding casinos and table games (I am not going to talk about this one...)

First, the Dream Act. I have been doing a lot of reading lately about the candidates and the various referendums because my AP class has been doing research of policies and current issues facing our nation. Many people believe the Dream Act just gives illegals the right to pay in state rates at state universities and take legal citizens spots. This, however, is not completely true. In all, I believe 12 states have adapted some form of the Dream Act. The way it will be enacted in MD is actually the strictest interpretation of this law, thus far. The MD law has the following provisions:

1. The parents of the student have to have paid taxes in Maryland for 3 years.
2. The student must attend 2 years of community college prior to transferring to a 4 year university.
3. The student must graduate from a MD high school.
4. There must be intent to apply for permanent residency.
5. The student must register with the selective service.
6. The referendum provides that students qualifying for in-state tuition rates by this method will not be counted as in-state students for purposes of counting undergraduate enrollment.

So, you must meet these standards to even qualify. This means, ultimately, that very few students will likely qualify. Meaning...spots will not be taken away from MD citizens at universities, and students will not be wasting time or money. It is actually quite a process. Additionally, the goal of this it to not only get more undocumented citizens to become citizens, but to also, eventually, have more tax paying citizens. Students who attend a 4 year college are more likely to get a better job...and will then pay taxes. I teach Puritanism, I can't help but think that my own ancestors were the ultimate illegal immigrants...came to America, took land, scared the Native Americans away (but first took their food and used them for help), and eventually pushed the Native Americans onto reservations.

Finally, the Marriage Equality Act. I will say, I am all for this. Enthusiastically. I have many gay friends who deserve the same right to marry that I am afforded. They are good people, they are in loving relationships, and they have every single right to be married to the person they love. This has nothing to do with church. Or God. Or any of that. It has to do with two people loving one another. It has to do with equality. Bottom line.

(I think the divorce rate, infidelity, celebrities who marry for 2 seconds and are revered as gods, etc...have much, much more to do with the loss of the sanctity of marriage than two people, of the same gender, who love each other desiring to marry...)

So, I saved my moderately political rant for my blog. I know, still public, but not out there like Facebook for everyone to see (I mean, you have to click this link to read this!). Again, I am not saying if I am a democrat or republican, I just think, when it comes down to it, we all need to have faith in humanity. We must treat each other in a civil, respectful way. By any other means, means nothing will ever be accomplished. I want my daughter to grow up in a society where she feels loved, and respected, and accepted no.matter.what. I want people to look within themselves and realize that we must band together and not let our bipartisanship blind us to the humanity that connects all of us. We do have a rough road ahead, and would have had one no matter who was elected president yesterday. So, please, the next time an election comes around think before you speak, or write, status update...whatever.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day Fun!

Today is Election Day. This means two things: 1. I get to vote in my 3rd election, and 2. I got a day off with Lily! Today we got a lot accomplished, which is great. I got work done for my class, which is awesome. I was a wee bit behind, so I got eveything up to speed. Then, we went to vote (which is a bit more challenging when you have a 1 year old clinging to you). The line wasn't too long, so I felt very lucky about that. As we were leaving the line was MUCH longer; apparently we got there just in time! After voting we headed over to Lowes and got the paint for Lily's big girl room. I am so excited to get her into her new room with it's new stuff. After we get her into the new room, we will get Jack's room ready. We have been slowly buying things for his room, so we are ready to start putting it together!

After our fun morning of errands, we had a creative afternoon. On Pinterest there was a craft for little kids that was finger painting in ziplock bags, so the kids won't get messy. It was super easy to do, and Lily enjoyed it for maybe 3 minutes (of course!). We got some fun art to display, though. The pictures are totally saturated in paint, so I hope they dry...but we will see.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween! (...and 24 weeks!)

I have been meaning to update this, and as I think to start, I get distracted. Finally, tonight, I am sitting down to update about the goings on around here!

First of all, Sunday night-Tuesday we experienced the wrath of hurricane Sandy (though I can hardly say her wrath here in Maryland even compares to what NY and NJ experienced). We got a ton of rain here, probably between 7 and 10 inches worth, plus, some fairly intense winds. We were fortunate enough to not lose power and get away from the stormy start to the week with only a few minor (and fixable!) leaks. The shore was also fine after the storm. Minimal flooding, and no problems to the house. Maryland was very lucky given the situation in the North East. The coastline of NJ was rocked, as were many of the Boroughs of NY. The area is still largely in the dark, and major flooding caused a lot of damage to the coast and to the homes of the residents there. I have many friends and classmates from Loyola who live in that area and my heart aches for them. I know the area will rebuild, but these storms remind you just how lucky we are-- and how destructive nature can be.

Changing gears, Lily's second Halloween was yesterday! We had a really fun night with our friends, the Proys, and their son Ben. Kara works with me and Tom (she works in Tom's department), and Ben is just a few weeks older than Lily. We are both pregnant again and, again, due within two weeks of one another. We are such good planners! Last night, we took the kids to Grilled Cheese and Co., which is always delicious. Then, we headed to my parents neighborhood to go trick-or-treating. We decided to go to their neighborhood because it's a little easier to navigate with little kids. Lily was a bit cranky, but Pop carried her around and had a fun time. I think we may have a new tradition with the Proys!

Yesterday, I hit the 24 week mark in my pregnancy. Only 16 weeks to go, eep! To make it seem like the baby is coming even sooner, my doctor told me-- today was my appointment-- that I will go back in 4 weeks and then start going every two weeks! Ah! Crazy! I thought about it, though, and I will be 28 weeks at my next appointment, which will be quickly followed by 30 (and only 10 weeks to go!). This pregnancy has gone by SO quickly. I want to enjoy it and take it slow, but the slow thing just isn't happening. I am, however, very excited to meet Jackson when he arrives in February. I can't wait to have a teeny baby around the house again!

And now...Halloween!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Update to the abnormal anatomy scan

So at 20 weeks when I had the anatomy scan, I wrote about how the baby had an echogenic bowel. Today, we had the follow up ultrasound and the bowel looks perfectly normal! Yay! Honestly, I wasn't that worried, but it is a relief to know that the baby looks good. We got some more profile pictures of the baby and a few face pictures (which are kind of creepy). He is weighing 1 pound, 3 ounces which is crazy to me! Just 4 weeks ago he was 9 ounces. It is amazing how much they grow!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Second post today...

So, I have been meaning to update my blog and just keep forgetting, or keep not having time, or I fall asleep...anyway...

This week I hit the 22 week mark in my pregnancy! This means there are only 18 weeks remaining in my pregnancy. This is crazy. I have a list of things that I need (well, Tom and I need) to get accomplished before this baby arrives.

The first big thing is Lily's big girl room. We don't have a ton to do...already have the bedding for the room, which was the first thing we really needed. We picked out some paint chips, but we need to pick out the official color (it will be yellow, just not sure which shade of yellow). I have been looking at different things to decorate the walls, but haven't made up my mind what I like the most. I have also been looking at valances and fabric for the room, but can't decide on that maybe this decorating comes down to my indecisive nature (and explains why it is taking so long to make decisions!). The room is mostly cleaned out, though, which is a big bonus.

We are decorating Jack's room in a baseball theme (well, a modern-ish baseball theme). Lots of geometric wall decor...then just plain bed sheets. I like the idea of a "theme" but not a super baby theme. I can't wait to see what it looks like when things all come together.

What else...the baby moves A LOT. He really moves a lot after I eat, so I suppose he loves food. We have picked up a few things for the little man...a few little outfits...and we got the stroller and a new car seat. We made registries, not because we are having another shower, but because I want the coupons you get to finish them! We do need some new stuff for him, so registries are also a good reminder for me about what we will need.

Tomorrow is our follow up ultrasound. I am looking forward to seeing the baby again. My fingers are also crossed, and prayers are being said, that the echogenic bowel has resolved itself. I suppose we will know at around 9:30 tomorrow morning.

16 Months!

At 16 months Bean loves...
1. ...lift the flap books.
2. ...trying to jump (this looks rather comical).
3. ...any type of ball (and a balloon is a ball and a pumpkin is a ball...).
4. ...cuddling before bed and watching Sprout.
5. ...dancing to music.
6. ...taking walks outside.
7. ...bbq chicken pizza (Who knew? She walked up to me the other day when I was eating it and wanted some.).
8. ...moving Fred's crate all around the living room and dining room.
9. ...anything with a zipper on it.
10. ...and, of course, mama and dada!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Confessions and 21 weeks!

First...I am 21 weeks! MORE than halfway there! Crazy. Baby is starting to move much more, and in definite sleep and awake patterns. He also likes when I eat. He moves a lot after getting food. It's very amusing! I am not really craving anything to weird. I feel pretty good. Tired. I have a cold that really is really lingering, but I don't know if it's a cold...or allergies...or pregnancy related congestion. Hard to say. I am definitely achy and feel everything pulling...much more than with Lily. It's crazy how your body is conditioned to just be like "oh, hey! pregnant again! I know this!"

Now my confessions...

I would love to see the Os beat the Yanks (but I am not sure they will...but I hope they will!)!
I am really tired.
Work is hard. Harder than it usually is. And I am really getting tired of everything.

So, go me for ending this blog on a Debbie downer note. But yay for 19 weeks remaining until I meet my little baby boy!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rainy days and Mondays...

Well, it's a rainy day here in Baltimore. It's also a bit chilly; fall is definitely in the air. I am excited, though, I LOVE FALL. I already discussed my love for the season, so I will refrain from naming all of the reasons again. I do wish the cold rain would go away. It's be an ok little Sunday. I always grade on Sunday, so I graded. Watched the Ravens beat the Chiefs (in awe-inspiring not-so-convincing fashion). The Orioles, yes you heard right, the Orioles, play tonight. They beat the Texas Rangers in the one and only wild card playoff on Friday, and they are playing the beloved hated Yankees tonight.

While I am on the the topic of the Yankees, I should mention my husband is a Yankees fan. We still can't figure out why. He has no ties to NY or NJ or even northern PA. His father is an Orioles fan. He is a Ravens fan. No one gets it. Anyhow, I love the Orioles. Always have, always will. They haven't done squat in the past 15 years, but I still watch games and follow the team. It's just what you do when you are from Baltimore. I figure this week will be a cold war in the house because of split allegiances. Good thing we are raising Lily an Orioles fan. Sports are like religion right? You go by mother's religion, so you go by her sports teams ;-) (It was also in the pre-marital contract my husband signed that my father drafted. It stated that the the kids are to be raised Orioles fans).

A bit more on the Orioles. Like I mentioned it's been 15 years since the Orioles made it to the playoffs. That is a long time. That is as old as my sophomores. It's been a rough road for the Os. Different managers, players, office members have come and gone. Finally, finally, we have a team that clicks. There isn't a superstar, just players who want to play and a manager who gets them to play like a team. This is what baseball is about. It's not about egos, it's not about money, it's about guys enjoying their sport and excelling as one unit.

I can remember my brother and his friend Michael sliding around our living room to the "Orioles Magic" album when they were maybe 5 years old. It was hilarious. After warming up to a rousing rendition of the song, they would go outside, go down the hill, and play bullpen. This consisted of Michael playing catchers and Timothy playing pitcher. I remember watching them, and how much they loved to play. They would play for hours.

When people talk about Orioles magic, I think this is what they are talking about. Not about a team magically winning. No one magically wins. I think the magic is something that the fans feel. It's little kids who see their idol on the field, and want to play just like them. It's the fans that stick out a 15 year drought and finally, finally, see their team make it to the post season. It's my grandfather who watched the Orioles his whole life, witnessed many of their ups and downs, and might be able to see them make it back to the World Series. It's players who believe in themselves, and more importantly, each other. Orioles magic isn't something real, it's certainly. You can't hold it. You can't see it. But you can feel it. It's about being in Baltimore. It's about a city and their team. You can travel to many other sports cities, but there is something about Baltimore. It is a small city. Everyone knows everyone. And everyone loves the Orioles and the Ravens.

In my favorite movie of all time, A League of Their Own, Tom Hanks' character has the following exchange with Geena Davis' character:

Jimmy Dugan: Shit, Dottie, if you want to go back to Oregon and make a hundred babies, great, I'm in no position to tell anyone how to live. But sneaking out like this, quitting, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. Baseball is what gets inside you. It's what lights you up, you can't deny that. Dottie Hinson: It just got too hard. Jimmy Dugan: It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard... is what makes it great.

This quote to me is baseball. I think, too, it is something very true for the Orioles. It was a hard fight, these past 15 years, but here we are. So win or lose, we made it. Making to the World Series, hell, winning the World Series, would be amazing. But just being in the dance, that is special. Watching my team play in October, that is exciting. So, thanks Os, I am glad you made it this far. I am proud to say that I am an Orioles fan. And, yes, I do believe in Orioles Magic.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just a Wednesday Post...

I am 20 weeks today! Halfway there! I can't believe how quickly things are moving. I think having a toddler at home definitely helps push time along (because I can't say school is really moving time along at all...). As far as how I am feeling...right now I feel pretty good. I am definitely feeling the stretching and pulling now, which is much earlier than I felt any pulling or stretching with Lily. Little man is moving around a lot lately, which was clearly evident on the ultrasound and when the doctor used the Doppler (there were a lot of thuds in there). I haven't been craving anything in particular, I just get very hungry. All-in-all things are going well, which is really everything I could ask for!

Tonight for dinner I made homemade Alice Springs Chicken (like the Outback version). It was AMAZING. Better than the chicken from Outback (at least, in my opinion). You can find the recipe here. I didn't make the honey mustard, just used pre-made Ken's honey mustard dressing. Also, we didn't use the onion flakes, we used the fried onion bits (which, I think added more flavor). It takes some time to make because the chicken has to rest for 30 minutes and the bacon needs to be fried, but the results are awesome. Even Tom ate the mushrooms! (We also used the thin cut chicken breasts, so I didn't need to pound the chicken. Ours didn't need any extra sauce, I think I may have over-sauced it initially, but you could definitely serve some on the side, if so desired. We will definitely make this again!

And you is school. Nothing earth shattering going on. I am kind of dragging lately, but that is sort expected. Everyone is a bit overwhelmed lately, but being a teacher can be just plain overwhelming sometimes. I am just trying to make sure I always have my priorities in line, that I don't take anything (or myself) to seriously, and I try really hard not to let my kids get to me (even when they work really hard to do so...). It usually works!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Some good things...

So school is a bit...much rather than venting about school, I am going to update on some good things going on...

Today I had my monthly OB appointment. It was also the follow-up to the anatomy scan that we had last week. My OB was completely reassuring and said the echogenic bowel is probably nothing. She said she has been a lot of these lately, and suspects it might be the equipment. She also said, since it is the only soft marker the baby has that it will likely clear up on its own. She was so optimistic about everything, and really reassured me that things should be ok. I know it's not 100%, but I feel really good about the health of the baby. He is growing as he should be, his little heart is beating as it should be, and he is moving around like crazy! We will definitely be doing follow-up ultrasounds to make sure the bowel clears up, but we don't need to do any further testing. Yay!

Yesterday, was October 1st. In honor of the month change I will be listing the things I love about October:

1. It is really autumn. The leaves are turning. The air is chilling. It's really the best time of year.
2. Pumpkin Spice Lattes.
3. Sweaters and boots (and leggings, because let's face it, anything that has stretch in it is a huge win right now).
4. Halloween! Lily is going to be a pumpkin this year!
5. Ravens football is in full swing, and that is ALWAYS a good thing.
6. The Orioles are still playing! I cannot say this every year, so I am really enjoying it this year. Hello October baseball!
7. Delicious comfort food..stew, chili, casserole...yum.
8. Turning off the a/c and opening windows. And smaller BGE bills.
9. This is also not a normal October thing, but I am seeing Wicked this month. It is my second time going, and I am super excited!
10. It's quickly becoming the holiday season! I love Thanksgiving and Christmas and I can practically taste the turkey and hear the carols!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's a...

BOY! And a good looking little man, at that. We had a great ultrasound this morning. The tech was awesome and printed tons of pictures. The little guy is measuring right on track, which is awesome.

I do have a follow-up ultrasound in 4 weeks because the doctor (and tech) noticed an echogenic bowel. This basically means the bowel looked brighter on the ultrasound. It could indicate the following:

1. A normal variation. The baby scanned incredibly well, meaning, the tech could see even little finger and foot bones. This is not the case in every ultrasound. The doctor said for some, it is very hard to see things, but for me, the ultrasound was very, very clear. Because of this, the bowel could have appeared brighter than it really is.

2. The baby swallowed blood (which sounds worse than it is).

3. An abnormality. The bright bowel could indicated downs, cystic fibrosis (I am negative for that, so it was ruled out), or trisomy 13 or 18.

The doctor said we could get the quad screening, or we could get follow-up ultrasounds. Right now, we are going with follow-ups. The problem can correct itself, so we are hoping that is the case. I see my OB on Tuesday, and will talk with her about it more.

Neither Tom, nor I, are super concerned. Lily had chorid plexus cysts at her 19 week ultrasound (also a soft marker for genetic problems) and they went away by the follow-up ultrasound.

So, all-in-all, we had a great morning! Super excited that we have a little boy on the way! I may have already purchased a few boy things...

Will post a few pictures later!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Camera Dump

A few of these were on the internal memory of my camera, so I finally got them onto the computer. What Lily has been up to in August and September.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What? 15 months already?

At 15 months old Bean loves...
1. ...row, row, row your boat. She can say "row, row, row".
2. ...Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom! She LOVES this book. So much so, that I am considering doing her big girl room in a Chicka, Chicka theme.
3. ...riding her bike. Or sitting on it. Or pushing it.
4. ...eating off of a spoon (or fork).
5. ...her BFF Kenzi. She says her name and loves to play with her.
6. ...wearing her big girl shoes and clomping around.
7. ...walking outside, away from adults, on her own, to nowhere.
8. ...watching Chloe's Closet. Well, really, dancing to the opening credits and Chloe's little dress up song. Then she doesn't care.
9. ...going on little rants "dadadananananamamamamadadadarahhrahhh"
10. ...and, of course, mama and dada!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I've been a bit busy...

So apparently, these blogs posts are not easy to squeeze in during the day. Between planning, grading, teaching, mommying, and wifeing, I have been a busy bee. This all, however, caught up with me today when I woke up with a nasty cold. Being pregnant makes it a but challenging to have a cold because I am limited in the medicine that I can take. So, it's a lot of rest, fluids, and soup. I took the day off to get some much needed sleep (and got some smiles from my girl who was being watched by grandma) and to rest up. I am hoping to get back to work tomorrow (yes, hoping, because I know how much work sub plans are).

Enough about my cold, though. Today marks the 18th week of this pregnancy! Exciting stuff! In exactly one week we get to find out whether this little poppy seed is a boy or girl. I can barely contain myself. I am dreaming about finding out, and I am antsy in my dreams. It is crazy! I have no inkling about whether or not this is a boy or girl. I knew with certainty that Lily was a girl. I KNEW it. This time, no clue. I will be equally happy with either, which most people say is a lie, but I swear that's true. If it's a girl we can re-use clothing and Lily gets a sister. If it's a boy, well, we don't have one of those, so yay!

In other news, Lily is doing fantastically well (what's new? she is a fantastic toddler!). I think she either had a touch of the cold I have, or was teething or both, because the amount of drool and snot coming from her face for the past three days was insane. She was also chewing on everything, waking up crying, and generally seemed a bit not I tend to think teeth. Maybe molars? She is just the funniest little toddler and makes us laugh (and herself laugh) every single day. It is so awesome to watch her grow up and learn new things. She is talking much more. She says the words ball and rock (as in, rock in a rocking chair) consistently. She is a stubborn little thing, and will only say things when she wants, but that is no surprise...because, well, look at her parents. I swear the other day she said the word delicious when I told her, her dinner was delicious, but she never repeated it. Tomorrow, she is 15 months old! Definitely becoming a big girl!

School is school. I really have some good classes this year (and I really have one not so good one). I have already dealt with a bullying problem, which was really horrible. Today, one of my kids was involved in a really bad fight. It makes me a little nervous to even be in that class because, being pregnant, I can't do much to help break up a fight. Not that I am a fight breaker-upper normally, but I am really not in a position to intervene other than to call for help. Or run for help. Or shout for help. Oh well. Hopefully, things will calm down. My other classes, however, are problem free. Other than talkative teenagers, I foresee very few issues in those classes. (In my AP class yesterday we had a lock down drill. One of my students looked at me and said, "what about you? You are pregnant, we have to protect you if something bad happens!" I told her I could take care of myself, but I really appreciated my concerned little APers!)

Ok, let me go and try more tricks to kick this cold. More fluids. More rest. More fluids...and the beat goes on...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Catch up!

Tomorrow is Friday...thank goodness! This week has been super busy, well it feels super busy. Technically, it was a short week, but it felt long. Lily has been super cute and funny this week, so that makes up for the busy/crazy work days. She has definitely expanded her vocabulary; today she said "Nakenzi" (the name of her BFF) and "bye". "Bye" is spoken in her southern twang, which seems to have appeared out of nowhere. Maybe it's her south Balmer accent coming through.

Yesterday, Lily had a funny little moment in the tub. She definitely farted quite loudly. Then looked up, moved, and farted again. This time it had a huge bubble. She gave me a scared look, stood up, and started crying. The farting scared her! I finally got her to calm down with a pacifier (and by asking where her duckies are). She didn't like it, but I got a good laugh.

Today, I had my 16 week appointment (16 weeks already...time flies!). Everything looks great. Poppy's little heart was beating away in the upper 150s/low 160s. My weight and blood pressure look good, so that makes me happy, as well. My next appointment is THE ultrasound where we find out if this little baby is a boy or girl. I am SO SO SO excited!

I can't believe I am almost to the halfway point in this pregnancy. I am not sure where time went. I am feeling so much better and really look pregnant now. I really love being pregnant, even with all of the aches and pains. I am so grateful that I get to have this experience, and that, in a few months, we will have another baby in the house.

I have so many other things I want to say tonight, but truthfully, I am very tired. I will write more tomorrow (maybe). Nighty night!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I love to talk as much as mommy...

Lily hasn't been much for talking until recently. She likes to say "EH EH EH" and point. In the last week, my girl has said "ball" (which sounds a little southern) and "hello". She added these to the ever popular mama, dada, dogdog, and no! no! no! I am also pretty sure she said milk one time, too, but she is not giving that word out freely, either.

I don't necessarily think Lily doesn't know how to form words, but, rather, that she is stubborn and will say them when she wants to, not when others ask. For example, the first time she said ball, she picked up a ball and threw it at my mom while yelling "ball!". When you say, "Lily, say ball!" she looks at you like you have three heads. The child will repeat every single noise you make (including a funny little fake cough), but words are just another story.

We are currently enjoying a lovely three day weekend. It's been a pretty busy little Saturday, but I hit a great Carter's sale and got Lily some seasonal stuff (her Halloween dress, her Thanksgiving dress, and some Christmas pjs). I also got some fall Yankee candles, so my house can smell like the season (I adore autumn!).

I am calmly and patiently anxiously awaiting my 16 week OB appointment and 19 week ultrasound. I am so curious to find out if this little baby is a boy or girl! And I love my OB appointments because I get to hear his or her glorious little heartbeat. Once we know the gender I am going to get started planning a new room. I cannot wait! Lily will get a big girl room, and little one will get a pretty (or handsome) nursery. Fun all around!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Catching Up...

Well, it has been a busy, busy week. A tiring week. A crazy week. It was a first week. I feel like I have some catching up to do. I will include subtitles in this post because I have so many things to update...let's start with school...

School has been insanely busy. My friend Angela posted on Facebook that if you hear an exploding noise it's probably our department, and I think that's true. Trying to fall back into a schedule, not only with school day, but also with the baby, is hard. I have been running around collecting papers, planning lessons, copying papers, attending meetings, and trying to stay awake. My classes seem to be good, so far. They aren't huge-- 13, 16, 23, 25, and 25 (these are approximate numbers)-- so I really can't complain. By the end of the day I am exhausted mind and body. I forgot how physically demanding the school day is truly a workout. I am glad (I think) to be back. I love seeing my friends everyday. I am becoming a bit more energized about the school year. The opening this year was a little hard due to some unforeseen problems, but things are slowly smoothing back out.

In addition to the school opening, there was a shooting at Perry Hall High School. PHHS is in Baltimore County and the news was absolutely numbing. I have a lot to say about this, but I am saving it for a time when I have more energy. I have to say, though, that from the looks of things, everything was handled well. My heart goes out to the whole PHHS community; I hope they can heal and move on with some normalcy.

Lily Bean
Lily is as fantastic as ever. She is talking more these days. Still not a ton of words coming, but she has now added "milk", "ball", and "up" to her vocabulary. She is always so happy. She makes any bad at work, so much better. I wish she would sleep a bit later in the mornings, but it is nice to be able to play a little before I leave. She is loving her time with Kenzi, her BFF. My mom said she gets so excited when Kenz gets up from her nap. She points to her room and smiles her cheesy grin. I am glad she is enjoying time with a friend!

Poppy is growing and growing! I am 15 weeks as of yesterday. My next appointment is September 6, and then September 26 we find out if Poppy is a boy or girl! My morning sickness has mostly gone away, but I still have this weird throwing up thing when I first wake up (I did the same with Lily). I definitely have a belly, which is probably about as big as I was at 20 weeks with Lil. It's amazing how your body changes so quickly the second time around! I am starting to feel the baby more and more, which I love. He or she made some big moves yesterday, which was amazing. I cannot wait for a real kick (I know they will be here soon!). I am not really craving anything specific, but I have definitely wanted comfort food lately (ok, really I want cheddar cheese broccoli and rice...). I can't believe I am already into the second trimester...this pregnancy is flying by!

I think those are all of my updates. We are hanging in there as we get used to the work routine. As always, life is good. Just ask these girls...

Angela and I needed a break, so we put the girls in the toybox...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's the most...

...wonderful nerve-wracking, insomnia-inducing time of the year! Yes, folks, it's the night before back to school. I am actually prepared (I think) this year. Not that I am an unprepared person. I am usually very prepared and organized. This last week just threw us a hell of a curve ball, so things felt a bit surreal around the good old school building. I have my class lists and checked them twice. I have my bags mostly packed. My lessons are ready. My room is ready. I am sure I forgot something. I know once I get back into the swing of things, I will fall into a busy, chaotic, yet comfortable routine. I am sure this year will really be ok, just like every year before it. But those first day jitters always come back.

In other news, Lily is doing very well with her grandma daycare. She and Kenzi seem to be getting on quite well, especially in the beat-Fred-up department. The poor dog is going through the ringer with these two girls! My poor Bean did get a bad insect bite on the bottom of her foot (yes, the bottom), which made it all red. She doesn't seem to notice or care. She just keeps on walking and playing and laughing. I would be trying to rip my foot off.

Little poppy (baby number 2) is also doing well. I will be 15 weeks this week-- time is flying! I go back to the doctor on September 6 for my 16 weeks appointment. Then, on September 26 we get to find out if poppy is a boy or a girl! I am SO excited! I cannot wait to know if Lily will have a little brother or sister. I am happy with either. A girls means we get to re-use clothes and a little sister for Lily. A boy means, well, a boy! As long as we have a healthy baby, I will be a happy momma!

Monday, August 20, 2012

14 Months Old!

At 14 months old Bean loves...

1. ...her dog Fred. She pulls his tail, tells him "no! no! no!", and twists his ears. True love.
2. ...chicken nuggets! Favorite food.
3. dad's iPad. Seriously laughs and giggles and grins when we turn it on.
4. ...walking around stores without holding hands.
5. ...splashing in the tub and pouring water on herself.
6. ...cell phones. Fake ones, real ones...loves them both.
7. ...climbing on the futon.
8. ...her pacifiers. Maybe a little too much. I think she is using them to teeth.
9. ...dancing, dancing, dancing!
10. ...and, of course, mama and dada!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

End of summer...

Well, summer is slowly drawing to an end. How sad. I had such a fun summer playing, laughing, and learning with my little Lily Bean. I will really miss playing all the time! I am looking forward to school in some ways. I am looking forward to seeing my friends and talking (and laughing!) with them. I am so lucky to work with people who I really respect and love. I am also so lucky that Lily gets to spend her days with grandma (and I am sure pop will make an appearance sometimes!). Lily loves her grandparents so much, so she will have a ball playing with grandma. Lily also gets to spend time with her friend Kenzi. I am glad she gets some time around a baby "younger" (they are only 4.5 months apart) than her. I am sure they will have fun playing together and getting into trouble together!

Here a few pictures of Lily playing on lazy summer days...

Friday, August 10, 2012


So since I hit the 6 week mark in my pregnancy, I have been sick. Not a constant all day thing, just a morning thing. I throw up every.single.morning. I do not enjoy. I don't think I have had breakfast stay in my body for any amount of time for the past 6 weeks. However, this hasn't stopped me from gaining a pound during my first trimester.

Cravings? Yes, please. Coke. It is the only thing that settles my stomach and helps my headaches. Also, I want burgers and fries like no ones business. Healthy, I know. Maybe this baby is a boy. With Lily, I had very few symptoms and a fairly easy pregnancy. This baby is having way too much fun messing with me!

Despite feeling like ick, I am looking forward to the following exciting things:

1. Our gender ultrasound. I am hoping to schedule it for September 26. We have off school that day, so it would be easiest. I will be 19 weeks and CANNOT WAIT to find out if this little baby is a boy or a girl.

2. The fall. I love the fall. Love cooler weather, sweaters, comfort foods, football, changing it all. Cannot wait.

3. Seeing my friends everyday at work. Maybe not seeing the kids, but definitely seeing my friends.

4. Starting to feel baby kicks. I think I have felt some flutters, which isn't entirely impossible given that this is my second. Last time, I felt the first kick at 18 weeks the day of the ultrasound. Lily kicked me while I was teaching Shakespeare. Can't wait for that first little punch when the baby says, "hi mom!".

5. Wearing amazing, comfortable maternity clothes. I love pants with elastic waists!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A BIG Confession

I am pregnant! Yep, Tom and I are expecting our next little Baby B sometime at the end of February. We are both very excited to be welcoming a little brother or sister for Lily. We told our parents, siblings, and grandparents early, but wanted to wait and tell everyone else until after our 12 week appointment. We heard the beautiful little heartbeat yesterday, so we are over the moon excited for the newest addition to the family!

This first trimester has been a bit...trying. With Lily, I didn't feel much morning sickness. I was exhausted, which wasn't surprising (especially given my schedule-- teaching and coaching while working through my first trimester was rough!). This time, Baby B is kicking my butt! I have been tired, and have had morning sickness since my 6th week (to the day). I have thrown up almost every morning, which is a thrill. I have been nauseous on and off, usually in the morning. It has been rough, but it's definitely worth it. I am looking forward to my second trimester and all of the better things that come with pregnancy.

As this is my second baby, I definitely feel some of the aches and pains a bit earlier. I also feel like I am growing out of my pants a bit faster. Luckily, I have a fairly good stock pile of maternity clothes, so whenever the day comes for me to make the switch, I am ready.

Anyway, that is my big confession! Can't wait to meet our newest family member in February!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Home Again!

Whew! We are back in 21228! I am so happy to be home after a long 9 hour drive. We had a wonderful vacation, though. It was great to be back at the beach and to introduce Lily to the ocean for the very first time.

Lily did the best job ever during both car rides and for the whole vacation. She ate enough chicken nuggets to last a lifetime, but that's ok, it was vacation. She was a little shy around the pool at first, but by the end of the week she was a pro! She was swimming, splashing, and walking through the mist machine in the kid pool. She loved it! The ocean was another story. She didn't really like the sand, didn't really want to walk in the waves, but did like splashing in her baby pool on the beach.

Since I am just got in and am still tired, I am ending this here with a few pictures. I will update more later!