Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

This past week Lily celebrated her first Thanksgiving. We went to Tom's family's on Thursday and then celebrated with my family on Friday. We had a very nice time at both places and ate a lot of delicious food! We have so much to be thankful for this year, especially our little Beaner. She is growing so quickly; I can't believe she will be 6 months old in Decmeber-- a whole half of a year! Lily has been on move recently, she is currently working on her rolling over skills. She rolled on her own a few weeks ago, but now she is doing it more often. I even got a video of her rolling! She also found her thumb, which is cute. Since she was born her thumbs have been "stuck" more or less, and it takes a lot for her to get them all the way out. Now that she is a bit older it has been easier for her to work them loose. Well, while she was in her bouncer the other day she found on and stuck it in her mouth. She didn't seem too impressed.

Lily also discovered the dog. She will lean into him and slowly open her mouth (as to put his snout in her mouth...ew). It is actually fairly funny when she does it. She gives kisses the same way; she opens her mouth and leans into your cheek (or lips, nose, chin...). It is super sweet!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Little Lima Can Roll!

Lily finally rolled over! She rolled from her tummy to back a long time ago, but has not been able to master back to tummy. Friday night, while we were chatting, Bean rolled over! We, of course, both missed it. When I looked up she was on her tummy, head up, smiling a huge smile. What can I say? My kid takes a lot of pride in her accomplishments. I flipped her back over and she did it again. Then, later, she was sitting my lap and did a kung fu flip out of my lap. Guess this officially means we are in trouble!

When she is not trying out her new moves, Lily is trying new foods! She has tried sweet potatoes, apples, and carrots. She seems to like all three. If the apples are a little tart she makes a crazy face, but keeps eating. I made more apples yesterday, and made some pears to try next week. We still have squash her to to try, and then I think we will start some green veggies. We are trying to alternate veggies and fruits and give her about a week on each to make sure she doesn't have any food allergies.

I got all of Lily's Christmas shopping done. I may order her some books, but other than that Santa has been very generous to Bean. Tom's Christmas is done, except for his stocking. I am trying to get as much out of the way early as I can. I cannot wait for Christmas this year. I usually can't wait for the holiday, but this year Lily gets to (sort of) experience everything I know she is still to little to really understand, but it's her first Christmas, which is special in itself.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Well, Lily celebrated her first Halloween! She made two costume changes- she was a little ladybug and a candy corn. We loved both outfits; she looked absolutely adorable during her first trick-or-treating experience. We went out with Campbell and Keller (who were both princesses) and had a wonderful time. We even got to see Averi the cowgirl and get a picture or two (even though Lily had some tears).

In between all of the Halloween fun, Lily tried her first solids. She started witch rice cereal, which she seemed to enjoy well enough and is now trying sweet potatoes (the verdict is still out on those). We are making our own baby food...which has become a minor obsession of mine. I had a really fun time making it, and the whole process is super easy. The next food Lily will try is applesauce. If she thought the sweet potatoes were sweet, she is in for a real shock!

I am sooooo looking forward to the holidays this year. I can't wait to get the house all decked out and celebrate Lily's first Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are already planning out her gifts and making our family plans. One of the best things about having a baby is seeing the world through her eyes. Everything is new again! From blowing bubbles, to screeching (Lily's new activity...loud, joyful screeching), to trying new foods and tastes, everything is new and something to be explored. I love it!

And, finally, this past week we welcomed a new friend into the OMHS English Department family. Averi became a big sister when Nakenzi was born on Novemeber 3 (Averi and Nakenzi are Angela's, Lily's godmother's, daugters). I am so excited to watch the girls grow up together! I am thrilled to have Nakenzi join the group and can't wait for Grover to join us in February. Looks like a lot of future playdates will be happening!