Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blackbird fly...

So Lily apparently likes The Beatles and James Taylor. She was fussy, so I put her in her swing. She continued to fuss, so I put on the song Blackbird. She quieted down almost immediately! When I rock her I sing James Taylor songs and she also seems to enjoy those.

Last night was a lonnnnggg night. Lily was WIDE awake and did not want to go to sleep. She finally settled at 130 and promptly spit up all over herself...her sleeper was covered. Once that was cleaned up she fell asleep for 4 hours straight. Once she is ready to sleep she sleeps for longer stretches, which I am grateful for. I am hoping to start getting her on more of a schedule now that I know she is gaining weight well and can go longer between feedings...though it seems funny to give a one week old a schedule!

Today Lily is going to meet her cousins Allyson, Campbell, and Keller and her Aunt Sandy and Uncle Carl. I can't wait for Campbell (5) and Keller (3) to meet her. They will probably have her dressed as a princess before they leave...haha.

Monday, June 27, 2011

One Week Old!

Today Lily is a week old! This past week went by SO quickly. Most of the week is a hospital blur; after all, being in a hospital with few options for things to do makes the days all run together. Being home has been lovely. My favorite time is when Lily is wide awake and I can talk to her or read to her. As the days pass, she becomes more and more alert. I also love to breastfeed her. To some that is probably a bit odd, but she is so peaceful when she eats.

Things I have learned this week...
1. You do get some sleep with a newborn it may come in 2 or 3 hours chunks of time, but it beats getting up every hour to pee when pregnant!
2. I do miss being pregnant-- I don't miss all the peeing and trouble sleeping, but I do miss feeling Lily kick inside me and anticipating her arrival.
3. Nothing can prepare you for how much you will love your child, nothing. It is the best, most overwhelming feeling in the world, but it is simply amazing.
4. You can never take enough pictures.
5. There are probably other things I am missing that I learned...cause this is certainly a bit of a learning curve...but I love every second of it (even the 2am feedings...).

A big thanks to all of my friends and family who have stopped by with love (and food!). Lily is so so so lucky to have you in her life! We can't wait to see what the next weeks have in store for us!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Some Pics

After the epidural  

Finally here! 

 With daddy

With mommy 

 Brand new


With Fred

Friday, June 24, 2011

Lily is here!

Well, the due date came and went...the 18th came and went...and then came Father's Day. In the morning it didn't look like Lily would be a Father's Day contractions, no discomfort, nothing. Then around 11:30am I started having irregular contractions. I was getting lower back pain, but didn't want to make much of it because I knew it could be a while or it might be nothing. Tom's parents were scheduled to come over for dinner, so we went ahead with dinner plans. We got Bare Bones carryout at around 6...just about the time that the contractions became regular. They went from completely irregular to regular and 5 minutes apart in less than an hour. We called the doctor and she said to wait a bit longer until the contractions were a little closer. So we waited maybe half and hour and the contractions were 2 minutes apart. We called again and she said to get to the hospital. When we got to St. Agnes it was just after 8pm. I was admitted and checked and I was dilated to a 4 already and 100% effaced! Yay! My nurse was Tiffany and she was amazing. She also told me I could get an epidural, which I knew I wanted. My contractions were one on top of the other, so I knew it would help me rest...and I knew it would be a long night. After the epidural it took a little longer to progress I got to a 6 then an 8 and then I felt tons of pressure (worse than a contraction, in my opinion). Once I got to a 10 I HAD to push. The baby was still a little high, so they wanted me to wait a little longer, but I needed to start pushing, so Tiffany said to go ahead. Tom and my mom helped with everything and I discovered that I am apparently a good pusher. I pushed for almost 2 hours and then, at 6:09am on June 20, Lily Theresa was born! They put her on my chest and I was just amazed at her. Tom cut the cord. They took her to put her in the warmer and check her out. Tom went over and started to take some pictures and coo all over her. She was beautiful and perfect. A healthy 8lbs. 10 oz. and 20.75 inches long.

The whole experience was amazing. I don't think there is any other way to describe it. Tom did a great job! He didn't even faint...haha...the nurse did tell him if he chickened out she would personally send a letter to his paramed class. I am glad my mom was there, she was so encouraging. She and Tom kept telling me how great I was doing, which made things easier (and stroked my ego a bit...ha). Like I said before, my nurse was awesome. Once we could see Lily's head she was SO excited. She told us she loves it every time because it is such an exciting moment. The doctor was the on call doctor and she was also great. She told me she was surprised at how calm I was for a first timer. My doctor did end up seeing me briefly because she was called in when another doctor called out sick. She was so excited to see me and hear the news.

The hospital stay was great...though a bit boring. I was so happy to get home and start things there with Lily. Fred is doing a pretty good job. He is the dirty diaper detector. We already had our first appointment with the pediatrician. She had jaundice and needed to be checked.  Luckily, her levels went down. Anyway...more later. So far, things have been great. Can't wait to see where things go from here!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Due Date!

Well, today is the day...Lily's due date. Still no signs of her arrival, so we will continue to wait. It is nice to know that we have a week left, at most, because the doctor will induce me a week from today, if needed. I am hoping that Lily will just decide to come on her own, but only time will tell!

Today was also the last day of school, so Tom is done for the summer (I have been done for about 2 weeks). He starts camp on Monday (he is playing laser tag all summer, tough, I know). I am staying at home this summer with Lily Bean, which is exciting because I haven't had a summer off in a long time! I know I will still be very busy with a newborn, but it is a much different busy than teaching summer school!

Here is an earlier picture of Lily (at 20 weeks):

All curled up! She is much bigger now!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


So, as far as this pregnancy goes I am a little late to jump on the blogging train. Tomorrow, June 17th, is my due date and I am getting a little antsy, so in order to occupy time, I figured why not blog. This whole experience is certainly a new adventure for Tom and I and maybe, at some point, Lily will read this and learn about her first 9 months with us.

We found out that we were pregnant on 10/10/10 (a Sunday). Enter excitement and nervousness. The time between finding out and now has absolutely flown by. I believe this is partially because the pregnancy spanned the school year. Some of the funniest moments of the pregnancy were courtesy of the things my 10th graders said (or did) over the past 9 months. Here are a few priceless quotes from my kids:

"Mrs. Blumenauer I CAN SEE IT!" - Jordan (I was approximately 15 weeks and had just told the class I was pregnant...I wasn't even showing)
"Hi baby Rosey! It's Rah Rah! I can't wait to meet you!" - Kahrah (every morning one of my volleyball players would talk to the baby in a high pitched voice...the "Rosey" is from my maiden name Rosen...which most of my players still call me)
"Where is Mrs. Blumenauer today? Must be out getting baby stuff ready." - Jordan (to Ms. Butler when I was in class right away...and was only about 15 weeks pregnant...)
"What happens if your water breaks in class?? What should we do??" (30 seconds pass) "OH NO! I am in the splash zone!!" - Ski (when he decided his front row seat would turn into the log flume if my water broke in class)
"If you have sex when you are pregnant will it poke the baby?" - My seventh period class (they like to overshare and ask questions that I don't want to answer)
"Hey Mrs. Blumenauer. You're having a baby." - Kiya (every morning as she walked into class she reminded me of this...just in case I forgot)

Needless to say, having curious tenth graders around made being pregnant at school quite interesting. My kids were also incredibly sweet- two of my classes bought the baby an entire wardrobe of clothes, plus some toys and other baby things. I was most surprised by the handmade blanket that Morgan's grandmother made for the baby (it had her name on it and everything) (Morgan was in my GT class and played JV volleyball).

Now, my students aren't the only excited ones at co-workers, who are absolutely amazing, are also very excited about Lily's arrival. I had a lovely babyshower at school, complete with a delicious Cold Stone ice cream cake! Lily has many aunts back at OM who are waiting for her! My co-workers also nicknamed Lily "Blue Peanut M&M"...I apologize to my child in advance if this name sticks.

And then, of course, there is the family. They are tremendously excited. This is the first grandbaby for my parents and Tom's parents, so this experience is a really amazing thing to share with them. My brother is away in China (he is doing science-y stuff sponsored by a grant from the National Science Foundation), so he will miss Lily's birth. That does make me a bit sad, but through the miracle of modern technology he will get to see her through pictures and Skype. I also figure that he will hold a newborn like a bomb, so it might be better that he hold her when she is a bit bigger. Tim is also Lily's godfather...a decision that some have questioned...but I think he will be an amazing godfather. Lily's other uncle is Brad. He picked out cute little froggie bath toys for the diaper cake (don't worry if you don't understand this reference). Brad is going to be an awesome uncle...he will have Lily playing volleyball in no time (especially if she is a long as the ultrasounds are indicating!).

Ok- this post is long enough. I realize it covers a little bit of everything, but it gives a good scope of how things have been going. I have been lucky enough to have a "boring" my dad says, with a pregnancy boring is good. Now a few pictures of the belly over the course of time...