Lily's Spaces

Lily's room. Well, her original room. This was her nursery before Jack moved in and we dressed up the guest room as her big girl room (more on that when I get pictures). Her room was inspired by the bedding. I didn't want pink because I think it's sort of cliché for a girl. I originally wanted purple, but once I saw this bedding, I fell in love. It was just light and sweet. Irony: I don't even like birds.
The changing table built-in was made by my father-in-law and Tom. Tom also did the walls.

Moving around the room to the windows and the most comfortable rocking chair ever created.

The panorama.

The pillow on the chair has Lily's monogram. She received that as a gift from Allyson, Josh, and the girls.

The blanket on the crib says "Lily Bean". Before she was born, before we knew her gender, we (my friends and I) called Lily "Bean". Well, it stuck. We still call her Bean. The blanket was a gift from my friend, Becky. We were really the Bean name callers.

The crib. A hand-me-down from Allyson.

I took pictures of the shore house and framed them. I liked the outdoor theme (if you can call it that).

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