Sunday, November 20, 2011

Little Lima Can Roll!

Lily finally rolled over! She rolled from her tummy to back a long time ago, but has not been able to master back to tummy. Friday night, while we were chatting, Bean rolled over! We, of course, both missed it. When I looked up she was on her tummy, head up, smiling a huge smile. What can I say? My kid takes a lot of pride in her accomplishments. I flipped her back over and she did it again. Then, later, she was sitting my lap and did a kung fu flip out of my lap. Guess this officially means we are in trouble!

When she is not trying out her new moves, Lily is trying new foods! She has tried sweet potatoes, apples, and carrots. She seems to like all three. If the apples are a little tart she makes a crazy face, but keeps eating. I made more apples yesterday, and made some pears to try next week. We still have squash her to to try, and then I think we will start some green veggies. We are trying to alternate veggies and fruits and give her about a week on each to make sure she doesn't have any food allergies.

I got all of Lily's Christmas shopping done. I may order her some books, but other than that Santa has been very generous to Bean. Tom's Christmas is done, except for his stocking. I am trying to get as much out of the way early as I can. I cannot wait for Christmas this year. I usually can't wait for the holiday, but this year Lily gets to (sort of) experience everything I know she is still to little to really understand, but it's her first Christmas, which is special in itself.

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