Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December Happenings

Well, December is practically half way over, so it's about time I write a bit about my growing Beanie. Lily is loving, loving, loving solids. Her latest adventure was peas, and while I was a bit nervous about how she would like them, she ended up LOVING them! She couldn't get enough! Now, she is up to carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, squash, pears, and apples. She seems to enjoy them all. I think next we will try avocado or banana. We will see.

 Lily is also starting to sit up on her own. Only for a few seconds at a time, but with her boppy she is doing fairly well. She is enjoying playing with her toys...she grabs everything...and...of course...it goes directly into her mouth. I love how she is developing her little personality. She is so joyful and silly. She loves to babble and laugh and giggle. She brings so much joy to our house and my life!

Lily's 6 month, yes 6 month, appointment is coming up on Monday. I can't believe she will be 6 months old on Tuesday. How time flies. Half a year already-- what a big girl she is becoming. Sometimes I get a little sad thinking of how tiny by Bean used to be (especially after snuggling Nakenzi at school on Monday...what a teeny little peanut!) and how much she has already grown, but my greatest pleasure in life is watching her learn so many new things. Everyday she amazes me. Just watching her is like watching a whole world unfold; what a gift it is to be a mommy.

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