Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Maybe I AM my mother's daughter!

I sewed something! I did it! I actually made Halloween costumes. And now I want to sew things all the time. Ut-oh! My friend Sarah (see her blog over at Grover's Corner) and I decided to follow through with a craft (also a huge accomplishment for us...) and this is the product!

My mom is totally awesome. She used to sew things me and Tim all the time. She made us Christmas outfits, Halloween costumes, pillows, and lots of other things. She always did an amazing job at crafting things, and I always thought it was so cool that she could sew. I never really caught on, so to speak, so I didn't try sewing for a very long time. Last Christmas, however, I decided to ask for a sewing machine.

This week, yes, 10 months later, I decided to try and sew.

And it worked.

See the following steps to make a fun dinosaur hoodie. Lily LOVES dinosaurs, so this idea for her costume was perfect. I did a little online research (ok, research meaning reading crafting blogs), and came up with these bad boys. Jack is going to be a dino, too, because Lily would probably change her mind and not want to wear her costume...

Step 1: Make the patterns. I found these online, measured them, and then recreated them in a word document.

Step 2: Trace onto felt. Mark the middle of the felt.

Step 4: Pin the felt to the hood and back of the hoodie (I used zip front hoodies from the Jumping Beans collection at Kohl's. They are SO soft!). The felt should form a straight line down the back and look like sideways diamonds.

Step 5: Sew the felt to the hoodie.
Step 6: Glue the felt in half to create triangles. Then, sew the triangles closed (You don't have to sew them, I did for extra hold. The glue helps stiffen the felt to make the spike stand up).

Step 7: Add eyes and teeth, if desired. Lily's has eyes and teeth; Jack's just has spikes.

Step 8: Enjoy!

These cuties will be wearing the hoodies on Halloween...

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