Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Break!

Well, today is the last day of spring break. I have mixed emotions-- sad because I am back to work and won't be playing with my kiddies all day tomorrow, happy because this is the last big stretch to the end of the year-- it will be a very busy time when we get back to work. Honestly, I didn't do any grading or school work over break. I probably should have, but I decided playing with Jack and Lily was more important than school things. There will be time for school and grading and all of those things later; break is only a week.

Speaking of which, we have had a lovely break. The weather was ok-- the beginning of break brought awesome weather, mid-week we had some rain and a bit of cold, but the end of the break had some more beautiful weather. We got to do a lot of playing and relaxing this break. My friend Sarah and her son, Jacob, came over for a fun playdate. It is so much fun watching the kids grow up. Lily and Jacob actually played together, which was awesome. Jack just laughed and watched. We got out on a lot of walks, which is always welcome. Lily got to play with the neighbors, which she loves. Jackson even got in on the playing action and was covered head to toe with dirt. It was hysterical! We rounded out break week with a visit to Jefferson to see Tom's family and then Easter here with my family. Both days were just lovely. Lily had a great time seeing everyone, and Jack was very happy and smiley.

From here on out we only have 40 days of school left. Crazy! The year really flew by. When we get back we have senior exams, HSAs, then finals. It will surely be a fast few weeks. We will also be trying out the block schedule, which I am sure will provide for an interesting few weeks...

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