Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mid-Week Confessions

I haven't posted anything in a while, and, after a rather frustrating day at work, felt the need to post some mid-week confessions.

1. When teachers whine about not having/having snow days. It's mostly the not having. Basically every other profession gets to work. Yes, I know, we deal with kids, but it's also our job to educate the kids. Most people don't know what snow days are (like nurses and doctors at hospitals, who, when it blizzards, still need to find ways to work). Be grateful for what you get.

2. Kids who are just ungrateful for an education. Leaving this one at that.

3. Even though I am totally sleep deprived from two kiddos who are having sleeping problems, I do love late night snuggles, the whispers of "mama", and the "hold my hand until I fall asleep". I also know I will miss all of those things when they are older (but I am looking forward to meeting my friend sleep again).

I probably have more confessions, but that will have to suffice for now. It was a long day. The cold weather is getting to me. I need a nice warm blanket, some hot chocolate, and about 10,000 marshmallows. Or a glass of wine. Either will work.

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