Friday, May 22, 2015

It's been...well...too long

I know, I win the award for worst blogger ever. Here's the thing, when you work a full time job, have two full time kids, and need to find time to sleep, it leaves little time to blog. We have had a busy spring, which has been a blessing-- get us to summer a little faster-- and a curse-- we have little time to catch our breath. Tom's playing in a softball league, he coached the high school team (the season ended in early May), we worked on SGA initiatives, I took on some new commitments at work, and the kids were, well, the crazy kids.

Today was Lily's last day of 3-year-old school. She brought home a piece of artwork with an inchworm on it that said she grew 3.5 inches since school started in September. It's amazing she grew so much taller, but what's more amazing is the way she is growing as a kid. Traces of toddlerhood are gone, and in their place is a little girl. She loves Peter Pan (still!), she loves to draw and paint, she loves to read, or try to read (and is learning a little more each day!), and she loves to play outside. She is so smart. And I don't mean that in an "I am her mom, and my child is a genius" way, but she is very smart. She is sensitive. She is caring. She nurtures her babies. She asks daily for a new real baby in our house. She loves her brother. She throws crazy, epic, dramatic tantrums, then turns around and apologizes for her fit. She loves school and her best friend, Evelyn. She won't be in Evelyn's class this summer, and that is devastating to her. She will, somehow, be four in mere weeks. She is beautiful. She is amazing.

Then there is my little Jack-man. Well, my not-so-little Jack-man. He is a full blown toddler. He is the craziest kid I have ever met. He is insanely silly and knows how to work a room. His hair has full blown, insane, unruly blond curls on his head. He flirts with all the ladies. He plays hard. Makes big messes. He talks all the time, but half of that is parroting what everyone else is saying. He is tall. Almost as tall as Lily. He is heavy. Almost as heavy as Lily. He is basically the size of a 4 year old with a baby face. He has been waiting his whole life to go to school with Lily. He loves to swing outside and swing "I high as a bird!" He loves to dig in the sand. He loves his big girl crush, Abby. He is so funny. He has silly bucky teeth from his love of his pash (he gave that to the Easter bunny). He loves his sister. He loves babies. He is cute. He is joyful. He is my little snickerdoodle.

This last month has been busy. I am glad we are winding down the school year and that summer is on the way. I will be starting another grad class and have two or three school projects to work on over the summer months.  I know the summer will fly by, so I am going to work on enjoying the build up to those gloriously long, warm days. I might even try to update this blog a little more often!

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