Friday, June 19, 2015

On the eve of 4...

Dear Lily,

Tomorrow, you turn 4. Four years ago, at 6:09am, you made your entrance into this world. You made me a mom. We have never looked back.

I love you, little girl, more today than I did the day you took your first breath. Every single day I fall in with you over and over again. You have the sweetest smile, the funniest expressions, and the sassiest attitude. You are 4 going on 30. You talk more than mommy and daddy combined, which is a huge accomplishment because, let's face it, mommy and daddy love to talk.

You can get very frustrated. Very upset. Very mad. You wear every single emotion on your sleeve. When you are happy, you are the happiest kid on the planet. When are are angry, you are the grumpiest kid on the planet. You are so thankful for everything. You get a sticker from mommy and it's like receiving a diamond necklace.

This year you have learned to share so much better with your brother. The relationship you share with Jackson is the sweetest, most loving relationship I have ever witnessed. When he is upset he runs to you. Just last night, after Jacob left, Jack ran to you, hugged you and said "I miss Jacob!" You do such a good job consoling him (sometimes, too good a job mothering him...). You teach him new things every day and he loves to learn from you. I hoped you would teach him to use the potty; however, tonight you said, "Mom, I just can't train Jackson. I think you need to do that." I am so glad that you love each other and care for one another. It does my heart good to see the two of you share your love.

I hope that you have a fantastic 4. You are smart and kind and compassionate. You love to mother your babies, which is super sweet. I hope that you continue to learn and grow in your passions. I will do my best to nurture your curiosity and answer all of the questions you throw my way (and there are a lot of questions!). I will love you every single minute of every single day. I will give you what you need, but not always what you want (sorry, kid).

Four will be a big year. You will end your time at the pre-school you love and move to the ranks of a kindergartner by the end of next school year. An you will undoubtedly continue to amaze me in everything you do.

I love you to the moon and back.

Your mama, xoxo

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