Monday, October 17, 2011

October already!?!

Lily in her bouncer.

Today we had Lily's 4 month check-up. She is doing really well...she weighs 13lbs. 12oz. (up 4, almost 5 pounds from the 2 month!) and she is 26 inches long (gained 2 more inches). She is off the chart for height and right in the middle for weight. We were given the green light for solids whenever we want to start trying them. We will probably try some rice cereal soon, but I want to hold off on anything else until I get some food made (we are making our own baby food!).

All smiles!

In other news, Lily is a little jumping Bean! She loves her doorway jumper, but we don't have many good spots for it, so we got her a stationary jumper and she is in baby love. It is a Christmas gift, but given her proclivity to growing like a weed, we wanted to make sure she didn't outgrow the height requirement before she got it! Now, it is another baby accessory that is blocking a significant part of the family room...our house is slowly being usurped by baby items. Beaner is also trying to master the art of rolling over. She gets about halfway and then her arm gets in the way. She hasn't quite figured out how to move it, but I think that day will come very soon.

Almost over!

On October 8, Lily was baptized at St. Joseph's Monastery chapel. My good friend Angela is her godmother and Tim is her godfather. The ceremony was was just perfect for our family. We also had a fun reception. Lily wore my great-uncle's christening gown, which is 90 years old. We counted and something like 17 babies have worn the gown. Now that is a wonderful tradition.

A video of Lily in the bouncer. Excuse my man always tapes weird.

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