Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not so wordless Wednesday...

What amazing weather we are having! A nice little string of 80 degree days in March has made for a happy momma. Lily is doing wonderfully. She is the happiest, funniest, cutest little girl (no bias or anything...). She is doing something new every single day. She still isn't mobile, at least she isn't crawling. She is still spinning around on her tummy, working on pulling up, and sometimes scooting on her butt. She does try to move around, and gets quite frustrated when she can't. She seems to be a bit stubborn and has a little temper (can't imagine where she gets those traits from...). Her little face gets VERY red when she is angry. She also LOVES to talk and babble. I love driving with her in the car because she talks to me the whole ride. It is awesome. We can have a whole conversation on the ride home from work! She also sings along with the radio, which is very cute.

Hmmm this chair looks like a fun thing to climb on...


Uhhh...Fred? What are you doing?

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