Saturday, March 3, 2012


Well, today was a big day for little Bean. This morning, while we were playing, she turns herself toward me, leans forward, pulls on my leg, pulls up to my shirt, and pulls herself to her feet! She actually pulled herself to stand! I was so surprised. My little girl who rarely rolls over, has shown little interest in learning to crawl, pulled herself up. Then, in the bathtub (she bathes in a smaller, inflatable tub that sits in the regular one) she kept trying to pull up on the ledge and stand. She actually pulled herself up into a split, realized she couldn't get all the way up the way she get herself and freaked out a little. Either way, she is working hard to stand, which is awesome.

Mom, I just need to check my facebook.

We also went to Averi's 3rd birthday party today. We had a very nice time. Lily got to see her BFF, Nakenzi, and we even got pictures of the girls (and no one is crying!).

My little cheeser. Notice, Averi and Lily are holding hands.

After Averi's party, we went to El Nayar for my dad's birthday. Lily got to sit in the restaurant highchair for the first time, and she loved it. She ate her dinner while we ate and was so well behaved. She really liked being nosey and watching the people at other tables. The other patrons happily played peek-a-boo and made faces at her, which she thought was great.

I need food!
I love sitting here!


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