Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve!

My family just left after Christmas Eve dinner, and I am winding down for the night, so I thought I would write a quick Christmas Eve update.

Yesterday, we went to Tom's parents for lunch and to open gifts. We usually do this Christmas morning before we go to Nee's, but with Lily's nap schedule, we figured it would be easier to break up the two gatherings. Lily got a Little People Disney Princess Castle, a Water Baby (I had a water baby!), extra princesses for the castle (including Ariel and Eric's underwater chariot thingy), new clothes, a new book, play food, and a rocking horse! She made out very well at grandma and grandpa's. She is a bit scared of the horse, so she won't get on it yet (I think I am going to need Averi or Dillon to show her how it's done). The girls LOVES the castle though. Especially all the noise it makes (and man does it make noise...over and over and over...).

Today, we had a pretty relaxing day. It snowed! Lily saw maybe one brief snowfall last year around Halloween, and then we had a snow free winter. Today, we got a pretty solid dusting, so we were able to go outside and make snowballs and walk around. I think she liked it. Really, she liked being outside. It was fun to see her in the snow for the first time. She was all bundled up, and just looked so cute!

After the snow fun, we came in and waited for my parents, pop-pop, and Tim and Sara to come over. We had a yummy shrimp dinner (amongst other yummy things), and opened gifts. Lily got new DVDs, new books, a Little People race track, an ornament, a submarine for the tub, a LSU sock monkey, and...I am sure I am missing things...but she tore through her gifts! She really likes the race track and played with that immediately after she got it out of the wrapping (and uncle Time put it together).

Jack even got some Christmas presents this year! Uncle Brad and Aunt Mandy got him a travel sound machine for the car seat, and Uncle Tim and Sara got him very cute onesies and pants. I can't wait to get him in the cute little outfits!

After Lily went to bed, Tim, Tom, and Sara put Lily's gift from Santa-- a kichen-- together. They had SO much fun. We watched some Christmas shows on TV, and I am.

I am pretty sure my cough is never going away. I feel pretty fine except for this nagging cough. The nasal spray has helped a ton with my crazy congestion, so I am just waiting for the cough to go away. Doctors have told me that my lungs are clear, so the cough is just annoying and persistent. I am hoping it goes away on its own soon, or back to the doctor I shall go.

Tomorrow is Christmas! I am looking forward to giving Lily her gifts and spending more time with family. We have a lot of Christmas happening this year-- Wednesday we are celebrating with my mom's family and Thursday with my dad's. This is one busy break!

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