Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's been...well...a long time.

So...I know, it's been 2 weeks? Maybe more? I, apparently, have lost track of time. Anyhow, things have been busy around here! Thanksgiving happened. Work happened. Christmas is about to happen. I reached week 29 of my pregnancy (woo!). It is just busy around here! That, and Tom got a sinus infection, I got cold...and then...I got another cold! My immune system is not so quick to the uptake this pregnancy. Stinky. I have this awesome cough right now that just does not look good on me.

So-- first update-- my little Beanie Boo. She is almost 18 months (well, in a few weeks) and is just a crazy, wonderful, happy toddler. She is a picky eater sometimes, but overall, eats pretty well. She loves carrots and tolerates peas and green beans. She also loves edamame. She will eat any fruit that is placed in front of her. She loves chicken nuggets. She also likes bacon. She loves yogurt. My food philosophy with her right now is to let her try whatever she shows interest in and not to force anything. I don't want her to hate foods because they were forced-- I want her to come to them herself. She LOVES milk. She prefers water through a straw. She shows a strong interest in coffee (too bad she has to wait for that one). She also LOVES pumpkin spice bagels with cream cheese. If mama or dada is eating it-- she wants it. No matter what it is.

She is running these days. Spinning in circles. "Jumping". Dancing. Rocking in chairs (even ones that don't rock). She crawls through her pop up tunnel. She chases big kids around. She mothers little kids (she checks Kenzi's diaper for poop, even though I am not sure she knows what she is looking for...). She gives hugs and kisses. She can find her brubber Ack. She laughs, and giggles, and smiles.

Her word list includes: mama, dada, Fred, dog-dog, apple (whispered, though), more, all done, rock, walk, baby, nose, moo, pop, mine, hohoho (her Christmas "word"), watch, Elmo, book, duck, hello, bye, hi, caw! (Go Ravens!), car, airplane, thank you (plus the sign), and there are others...but that is all I got right now...haha.

My pregnancy is just reaching the 29.5 week mark. I am pretty uncomfortable. So far things have been pretty easy (except that morning sickness in the first trimester...), but the third trimester is lending itself to pretty significant exhaustion, round ligament pain, and some uncomfortable hips (and lower back). Jack definitely wiggles a lot. He likes to kick and jab and poke and I LOVE it. Feeling him move around is definitely one of, if not the, best part of pregnancy. I love imagining what he will look like and what his personality will be like. I am slowly prepping everything for him. Over break we will work on getting the nursery all really, getting a bassinet, and washing newborn clothes and cloth diapers.

Currently, we are on baby Jack size watch. He is measuring in the 76%, but I am measuring 4 weeks ahead, so the doctor wants to monitor his size closer to the end of the pregnancy. Lily was 8 pounds and 10 ounces, so he could be a big boy. As long as he is a healthy boy...that is what really matters.

Let's see what else...this post is getting lengthy. I have many other things to write, but will save them for other posts. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the holiday season! I am loving it!

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