Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A new post! What? Unheard of!

I barely have time to post these days, so two posts in one day should be a real treat. I decided I am giving myself the night off from grading, and my planning is basically caught up, so I have some time to sit and write. I have started about 20 different posts in my head about various things. I have things I would love to rant and rave about, but I never really know if I want to start those posts because they can get long and crazy. It's a bit easier to stick to the day-to-day things, rather than starting some long post about my own ramblings. So...our happenings lately...

We went to the Catonsville Arts and Crafts Festival earlier in the month. It was great! My friend, Lexie Bianco, does painted glassware, so I got to see her glassware in person. Absolutely gorgeous! If you are looking for some unique MD themed glassware, or some pretty painted glass you should check her out. She is the Glass Goddess on Facebook.

The weather has been out of its mind beautiful! I am talking 60-70 degrees, sunny, perfect fall weather. We have been enjoying walks to the park and backyard play. Lily loves seeing Abby, Charlie, and Andrew, her favorite neighbors!

School has been going smoothly. My classes are pretty good this year, which is always a blessing. I am enjoying learning a new curriculum (11th grade), and am enjoying refining, revising, and flat out changing the two I have previously taught (10th and AP 11). I have definitely felt busier this year-- but it's a good busy. Tom and I took over SGA which brings its own host of challenges and work. So far, we are working with very eager, excited group of students, so the transition as advisers has been an easy one.

This weekend upcoming I have my 10 year high school reunion. I am looking forward to seeing old friends, catching up with classmates, and enjoying an evening out. It should be fun!

We are busy, busy, busy come October. We'll see if I get around to posting (this month was busy enough...we are lucky I got the kid updates on here! And they were both a day or two late!!).

Until next time...

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