Wednesday, September 4, 2013

American Dream

The following is an essay that I assigned in my 11th grade English class. This is the response of one of my male students. I was simply shocked. His words are so true, every single one. I hope you enjoy reading this just as much as I did.

Based on the images, speeches, articles, poems, and songs that you have viewed, listened to, and read write an essay on the following:

Many people believe that reaching for "The American Dream" leads to riches and happiness that cannot be duplicated otherwise.  But some psychologists warn that "The American Dream" is merely an illusion and that its pursuit will end in misery.  Using your experiences, observations, and readings, do you believe that "The American Dream" is a worthy pursuit?

I do believe that it is a worthy pursuit. If the American dream was not actually real people would have stop referring to that phrase. I believe the problem is that for the “American Dream”, everyone wants to be Bill Gates or Oprah. Nobody, or almost nobody is content or knows when enough is enough. It is the same way with an artist. Anyone, or mostly everyone in the field of artistry can draw and paint a picture. But it takes a Master of Arts to know when to put down the brush and admire the work. For me, the “American Dream” is simply living on my own and being able to enjoy life, regardless of circumstances. That, I believe, is attainable. 

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