Saturday, December 28, 2013

Our Winter Break

Yes, I realize that break isn't over, but I feel the impending sense of school on the horizon, and, while I have some time, figured I would update about winter break. From the previous post, you can see that we had a lovely Christmas. Lily and Jack have more toys than a toy store and enough clothing to last them through adulthood. We saw both sides of the family, stayed up past our bedtime, and watched a lot of Charlie Brown Christmas (which is far better than the Caillou Christmas of last year).

The toys that have emerged as the favorites (at least, for today):
For Lily: Fisher Price Click-Clack horses castle, a Melissa and Doug house with keys and doorbells, puzzles, her Play-Doh ice cream maker, a Melissa and Doug stamp set, and her drum/music set
For Jack: sensory balls, Fisher Price Cars track, Fisher Price Dog plush, and anything he can chew

We have seen the Symphony of Lights, visited the Train Garden (Lily loved this), had fun at a Christmas party, ate a lot of delicious food (crab cakes, shrimp, pastas, roast beef, cookies, cakes, etc...), and enjoyed family time. All-in-all, a very successful Christmas. I can't wait until next year!

In other news, Lily used the potty today...for the WHOLE day! Yes! You read correctly! She peed AND pooped on the potty with only one half accident. How can an accident be half? Well, she saw she was peeing, asked Grammy what she was doing, Grammy told her she was peeing, she got up, and finished on the potty. She did need new clothing, but it was her only accident. She seems excited about wearing big girl underwear, so I am hoping that by the end of the break she will be fully potty trained.

Also, Lily and Jack have become siblings who interact, and it's basically the cutest thing ever. Jack finds his sister extremely hilarious and constantly laughs at her. She has taken to treating him like a puppy and runs around saying, "come on Jackson! Follow me!" And he does. He crawls just as fast as he can, and she changes direction and he turns and crawls toward her. She hugs him, says "I love you!", and kisses him. When he pulls up on furniture she tells him to be careful. It is so cute.

Jack has been changing a lot over break. He is finally, really, sitting up very well. He is always army crawling into places he shouldn't be. He pulls up on the furniture and is cruising around the room. He can even stand by himself for a few seconds. I think walking might come sooner than I anticipated! He also has 8 teeth. By this age, Lily had 0. Crazy!

Anyway, that is our break so far. I am sure we will have more adventures over the next four days. Also, I need to grade or plan or something. Crap.

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