Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back from vacation!

We are back from vacation, and, quite abruptly, thrust into back-to-school mode. I will write about going back in a separate post. Right now, I want to focus on the week away with my family.

This year we went back to Myrtle Beach. It was Lily's second trip and Jack's first trip. The ride both ways was long and rainy, but the kids did wonderfully. We watched a lot of Disney movies, a lot of Max and Ruby, and a lot of The Land Before Time. Jack was a champ on his longest car ride to date (the trip down took 12 hours!). We decided that North Carolina has a lot of rain, Virginia has a lot of traffic, and next year the car ride needs to be shorter. I sat between the kids in the backseat (thank you, mom and dad, for letting us borrow your Pilot!), so that was just an adventure in itself.

The week started rainy, but quickly cleared to sunny and, generally, mild (for SC in the summer). We had a string of beautiful beach and pool days, which made our munchkins very happy. The resort had a playground this year, which they didn't have the last time we were there. This was great for evening walks and play time. Overall, we had a very nice week and were able to enjoy some fun time with the kids. It was nice being on the beach with the kids, but the pool was really the shining star for both Lily and Jack. Lily loved everything about the kids area this year: the slides, the misters, and, eventually, the mushroom thing that pours water all over you. Lily even did the big slide (that is for older kids and adults), which was a big step for her (especially since, not so long ago, she was scared of water)! Jack also loved everything--even the slides! He rode with adults because he wasn't super sure how everything worked (and he would have sunk like a brick).

Here are a few pictures from our trip-- the castle building, swimming, shell collecting, fun!

Jack selfie at the aquarium.

Lily loved the aquarium! It was a great distraction on a rainy day.

Let's go, guys!

Brave enough to take on the water this year!

Vacation 2014. Love this one!

She's crazy. Asked her to smile. Got this.

Common for Lily. Played hard, slept harder.

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