Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Decided I need to indulge in a few mid-week confessions this week. Here it goes...

1. I cannot stand it when people think their hobby should be their profession. No. No it should not be. I blame this on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media outlets (two people tell someone what they did is pretty and suddenly the person thinks they have a new calling). Just because you can sew doesn't mean you should be selling clothing. Just because you have a nice camera does not mean you are a photographer. Just because you can use wire and ribbon does not mean you were magically meant to have an Etsy shop. Now, I know some very talented people who do awesome things, but, please, not every hobby is meant to be a job. There is a lot more work behind the scenes than just executing your craft or your picture. Keep your hobby just what it is-- a hobby. (unless it's cake pops...)

2. When people who clearly aren't listening then proceed to ask 6,000,000 questions that were already answered (when they weren't listening).

3. I wish every horrible disease and illness got as much attention as ALS is getting right now (and without the gimmick!).

I have other things I would love to confess here, but it's not the appropriate place for those confessions. My next post will be the big back-to-school post!


  1. But if you can make a little money on the side from it why not go for it. I see so many people with second jobs for supplement income. Why not do it with something you enjoy?

  2. I guess, in my mind, not everything is meant to make money. Just because a person can do something and likes to do it, doesn't mean they should sell it (or, in some cases, that they are as "good" as they think they are). Some things are just meant to be for fun or to relieve stress. Plus, for most, the output of money for supplies would far surpass any profit made. In my mind, that would be more stressful and take the joy out of doing the hobby for fun.

  3. I think people should do what they want to do. Why do you let that stuff bother you? Who cares? Why does it really matter what other people do with their time, their money, their interests? If you don't think they're as "good" as they think they are don't buy their product, but others may be interested in their product so why does it matter?

  4. These are just silly confessions; it's literally what is bothering me at the moment (because I saw something/read something/etc.). I don't let it bother me...I write the post...and BOOM! I am done. That's the point of the confession.