Friday, April 10, 2015

Lily's First Movie!

Today, I took Lily to see her first movie in the theater. I believe she thought Cinderella would be a live show, like a Broadway production, so she was very confused at the enormous "TV screen" in the theater. Before we went to the movie, I picked her up from school and we went to the mall for lunch. Of course, Lily barely ate anything because we needed to get to the movie, so we were very early for our 2pm showing. Lily decided she wanted popcorn because "you always eat popcorn at movies" and she also picked out M&Ms (which went untouched), while I chose Raisinets because I never eat them and I wanted her to try them (after telling me they were ick she basically ate the entire box...she also ate the whole bag of popcorn and whenever I tried to eat some, she would yell at me to stop eating).

The previews before the movie are really the thing that stuck with Lily because they previewed the movie Pan. A few weeks ago I wrote about Lily's love of Peter Pan and the preview basically blew her away. All she can talk about is going back to the movies to see Pan. The movie itself looks awesome, though I fear she might find it a bit scary. We are going to see what it's rated to determine if it is ok for her to see in the theater. She generally isn't easily scared and she loves Peter Pan so much, I think she would be crushed to not see the movie at the movies.

Anyway, we saw the live action Cinderella and we both loved it. I cried probably an inappropriate amount (because there was a lot of death and that was quite sad), but it was just lovely. The sweeping scenes were beautiful and the whole Cinderella transformation was breath-taking (seriously, I cried when she was transformed into the "princess" in the magnificent dress, but was equally impressed with her wedding gown at the end of the movie--it was gorgeous). The step-mother was awesomely wicked and the step-sisters were perfectly ridiculous and Cinderella was good and lovely. As it should be. Oh, and Helena Bonham Carter as the fairy godmother might have been the most spectacular godmother ever! Her outfit and quirkiness were just perfect!

The thing I found most lovely about the movie was that I never felt like Cinderella needed saving. She lived on the motto, "Have courage, be kind" that her mother told her (on her death bed, I might add, cue tears...) and it truly carried her throughout the movie. Prince Charming (Kit, in the movie) didn't swoop in and save her from the wickedness of her step-family; she saved herself by being a good and loving person. She was portrayed so beautifully. The Prince finds her lovely partially for her looks (she is beautiful), but he constantly talks about how good she is. Her goodness gives her beauty.

All-in-all, Lily and I had a great time together. She did a great job during the movie and promptly fell asleep in the car on the way home. I can't wait for our next movie together!

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