Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mid-Week Confessions (and some Easter pics)

I decided I have a little time this week to do some updating, so I decided to do mid-week confessions and post a few Easter pictures.

1. I am tired of technology. Funny, since I am writing this on a computer. Really, I am mostly tired of social media, and I am considering a summer long hiatus. We will see how that pans out. I don't want to raise tech crazed kids (I see enough kids who are tech crazed at school...) and I want to take steps to make sure that they aren't worshiping at the altar of the selfie.

2. I want to simplify my life. I suppose this goes with #1. Today, the kids toys just seemed overwhelming. All of the stuff we own seems overwhelming. I want to seriously purge what we don't need and don't use. I think it would save a lot of space and probably provide enough for another family of 4.

3. I hate allergies. That isn't so much a confession, that is really just a statement (as spring is blooming (finally) and my allergies slowly begin to assert themselves).

4. I was reading an article earlier and one of the point in the article was about people who post too much about their sex life on social media. I second that. I have read blogs from married women who share details of their sex life. The whole world doesn't need to know what happens in the bedroom. Tell your best friend on girls night, not the people who you barely know on Blogger/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. I blame this on Carrie Bradshaw. Thanks, Carrie.

And now...a few Easter pictures (because two separate posts is just asking far too much right now). We had a very nice Easter-- breakfast with my parents, then to church, then back to my parents for a late lunch/early dinner with my family. Lily and Jack LOVED their gifts from the Easter bunny and had great fun with their cousins. All-in-all a very successful holiday! Oh yeah, and Jack got rid of his pacifiers!

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