Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shit Happens

I need to preface this story by saying: My daughter has decided that she would like poop on me, and only me.

So yesterday, Lily pooped. Normal. The way the poop escaped and made its way all over my outfit...not as normal (though, not abnormal...). While poop was generally not one of the topics I used for everyday conversation in my pre-baby life, it is slowly becoming a dominating topic in my baby life. So Lily poops. I think nothing of it. Then I feel something on my leg...I lift the baby up and there is poop on my pants and my shirt...and then I discovered it was even on my underwear...what the heck! On my underwear! Gross. Very gross.

In other non-poop related news. Lily is sleeping through the night. She loves her crib! I was sad to move her into her own room- one of those "oh she is growing up so quickly things" but ultimately it is the best move we have made. She is sleeping SO much better. She is also figuring out that attached to her legs are her feet. Sometimes I wonder how much control she has over her crazy legs and if she would like them to stop moving. I can imagine her thinking in her head "STOP! HEY LEGS STOP MOVING!" See the video below for the leg action:

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