Sunday, September 4, 2011

In the Crib

Well, we made it through an earthquake, and then a hurricane, and then the first night in the crib. Luckily, with the hurricane we never lost power. We did, however, get 2 extra days of summer break. We finally went back to school on Tuesday, which wasn't so bad. We got the first week out the way and it went fairly smoothly. It feels a little weird at school this year, I think partially because I miss Lily, but something else just feels odd. Maybe it's being in a new classroom, or having tenth graders who actually knew the difference between mood and tone without me telling them. Either way, it feels a little weird. Hopefully, getting into the school routine will solve this problem.

This week we moved Lily into her crib. She slept really, really well. Both nights she only woke up once and she slept much later. It was great! Apparently, our monitors work well, because it sounded like an aquarium in our room while her little toy ran. She really likes the lights and sounds on the little aquarium toy in her crib and it turns itself off after about 15 minutes, so it works really nicely. She also enjoys pitch black to sleep, so no nightlights for least not yet. I am hoping her new room accommodations will help get us some more sleep, especially since school is in full swing.

This week we still don't have a full week of school because of Labor Day. Summer is over...what a sad thought. I had an excellent summer and wish it wouldn't end! I do love autumn, though. The cooler days, sweater weather, warm sun, the fun holidays. Lily will have a lot of "firsts" in the coming months! How exciting! I am already gearing up for her first favorite holiday! I love the Christmas season, and this year will be extra special as Lily celebrates for the first time. She already has some presents put away. I think her big gift will be a jumperoo seat thing because she is in constant motion. I realize she won't understand what is going on yet, but I want her very first holidays to be extra special!

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