Saturday, February 25, 2012

8 months old and first ear infection

Well, Lily is a big 8 month old! She, unfortunately, had the beginnings of a cold for her 8 month birthday, but we still got the obligatory month picture, and she was still grinning from ear to ear.

Speaking of her cold, last Sunday Lily got a 101 degree fever. Monday it went down a bit, to 99, but never went away so off to the doctor she went (on Tuesday). Doctor said it was just a cold. We kept her home from daycare on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then Thursday she went back after her fever had been away for 24 hours. Thursday night she felt warm again, and lo and behold, a fever again. So, we kept her home Friday, and took her back to the doctor today. Immediately she is diagnosed with a double ear infection...cause why not have both ears infected? Double the fun! She is a little trooper, though. Still laughing, and smiling, and just being a little love bug.

Lily is really good at sharing and already shared her cold with me and her grandma Sandy. We really appreciate it. She has been a clingy little Bean, and whenever I try to put her down she starts to cry. That has made getting things done a wee bit more challenging. She also hasn't really been sleeping at night, so we are taking shifts in the recliner with her. That makes sleeping for us a bit harder, as well. I do love the extra snuggle time, though. When her little eyes get droopy and she buries her head on my chest, my heart just melts.

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