Saturday, February 25, 2012

At 8 Months Old Bean Loves...

1. Fred. She loves him. And Fred loves her. He even lets her pull his ears.
2. Puffs. Especially banana flavored ones.
3. Vitamin drops. Weird? I think so. She used to hate them and now she cries if you don't give them to her quickly enough.
4. Frozen mango.
5. Her English (department) aunts. Loves when Aunt Becky "growls". This is how she learned to growl.
6. Her V-Tech Learning Center. Are the farm songs annoying? Definitely. Does she think it is the best toy she owns? Of course.
7. Her Eric Carle toy duck.
8. Reading books before bed.
9. The remote control and mama's cell phone.
10. Mommy and daddy :-)

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