Sunday, April 29, 2012

English Dept. Babies

Good morning!
Lily after breakfast! Today, we tried scrambled eggs.
While Lily is napping, I am going to post a quick update and then get my house clean. Yesterday, was the English Department playdate. We had so much fun! Baby Jacob is becoming such a big boy. He loved staring at the other baby in the mirror, and was a trooper for all of the posed pictures (unlike Lily who was over it and tried to crawl out of most of them).
That baby in the mirror is s handsome!
Averi is the veteran English Dept. baby, well, she isn't really a baby anymore, she is a big girl! Angela explained to her that there would be three babies for her to watch, so, as she left her house, she told her dad, "Bye daddy, I am going to take care of three babies!" She loves her sister, Kenzi, and it was adorable to watch her take care of her.

Kenzi and Lily had a good time sitting next to one another. Kenzi is a crawler trapped in a body that isn't quite ready to crawl. That girl is itching to move!

The gang.
Of course, Angela, Sarah, and I had a lovely time catching up. It is always great to see my friends outside of school. We are hoping to make the playdates a weekly thing over the summer. It will be so much fun to watch the kids grow up together. Like I said yesterday, I am so thankful to have such wonderful mommy friends. How lucky I am to be able to share such an amazing time in my life with women who I really admire and respect.

Can you spot all of the babies? to today's and grading...a typical "teacher" Sunday. Hopefully, I can get Lily's first birthday invitations finished (or, at the very least, printed). If you have a free moment today, you should hop on over to Grover's Corner, and check out Sarah's blog. I promise you some very cute pictures if you check it out!!

The aftermath.

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