Monday, January 7, 2013

Odds and Ends

As of Wednesday, I will be 6 weeks away from my due date. This is crazy. At my last OB appointment (which was Thursday), everything looked and sounded good. I passed my 3 hour glucose test (yay!), the baby sounds great, my BP and weight are fine, and everything appears to be right on track. My OB did tell me to get my sub plans and a sub in line by early February. She said 2nd babies can, more frequently, arrive earlier than first babies, so I should be prepared to have a baby at any point in February. This, of course, means I will be late (ha).

Lily's big girl room is finished, and it looks great! I will post some pictures on here as soon as a I take a few. The predominate colors are yellow, purple, and gray. She has a big girl bed in the room, but she is still sleeping in the crib. We figure that Jack will be in a bassinet for the first few months of his live, so Lily can sleep in her crib until she is a bit older and ready for the big bed move.

Jack's room some sort of "order". Order We have what we need to decorate the room; however, 2 bouncy chairs, a pack n play, car seat, stroller, and other odds and ends are being stored in the room. I removed the trash from the room, organized the baby clothing, sorted and organized the cloth diapers, and found space for other baby necessities. Once we get the stroller out of the box and the car seat installed in the car, things will start getting better in the room. I have to say, I am super proud of my clothing and diaper organizing skills. There is a fairly sizeable closet in the nursery, so that definitely helps with storage. The cloth diapers were a bit tricky to figure out how to organize, but I got it all put away.

Speaking of cloth diapers, we have officially decided to use them. I have a mixture of prefolds and all in ones. Prefolds are the cloth diapers your mom may have used. They are just flat cloth diapers that need a diaper cover to make them waterproof. This is the bulk of my stash because they are the cheapest and easiest way to cloth diaper (I think). All of the prefolds are cotton, so washing is a breeze.

Prefold Diapers in various sizes

Diaper Cover
I also have a bunch of fitted diapers (prefolds that have been sewn to look like a diaper and easily fit on baby without having to use pins), that will be easier for night changes (or for daddy).

Fitted Diapers- Basically prefolds that have been sewn for quicker  changings. Cover needed.
All-in-ones are just that, diapers that are just like disposables, except you wash them.

All-in-one Diaper- the cover and lining are all sewn together, so it's like a disposable that goes in the wash.
I stuck to all natural materials (mostly cotton) because it is easiest to wash cotton (as it washes clean very easily). I have an assortment of brands to try, so we can see what works best for Jack. I even have one-size diapers (they are good from about 10lbs-35lbs) that I might try on Lily. After researching (more than I like to admit), I decided that clothing diapering isn't as daunting as I originally thought. My mom, our daycare provider, agreed to try with us (she already cloth diapered me and my brother, so this really isn't new to her), so that made the decision a little easier.

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