Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This and that and 37 weeks!

Today I am 37 weeks-- I am term!! I cannot believe how quickly time is flying. A few updates from the 37 week appointment:

1. I am 1 cm. dilated. With Lily, I was cm. dilated until I was in this is progress.
2. My BP is looking good.
3. Jack's heart rate is looking good.
4. My rib pain is being caused by Jack. Thanks little man.
5. I am obviously in for a few more weeks of pregnancy, which I am fine with.

In other news: Lily is hysterical. I will post some pictures tomorrow, but today she was a little ham. She loves her "loon" (read: balloon) that dada got her at the store; she now says PEASSSSSSSSS and tank you (what awesome manners!); she does the chicken dance; and she is generally happy and cute and wonderful.

Finally, a note not related to my kids...a few months ago some people posted the exhaustion of the American teacher on Facebook. It was going viral again tonight, and I re-read it. I was going to respond to it on FB, but then realized I hate super long Facebook posts, so I am writing my response here. I am working VERY hard to try and be positive this year. I do have one challenging class. They challenge me every single day; however, I always try to enter each class period with a positive attitude and the outlook that things might just be better today (and today, they were!)...anyway, here is my two cents:

I believe I posted this once earlier in the year, and I do agree, it is spot on (for many accounts). However, I also think teachers (and others) sometimes look directly at the negative, and forget what positive things are happening. For every challenging student I've had, I have had a wonderful one. For every parent who has told me how to do my job, I have one thanking me for coaching, or teaching, or knowing his or her kid. Yes, teachers have hard jobs, but then again, who doesn't have a hard job? My dad commuted over an hour to get to work (to a job, I will say, he loves) to support his family. My mom was a nurse, and should she have done something wrong, could have hurt a patient (talk about pressure...she was an awesome nurse no worries!). Yes, I am exhausted. Yes, I wear many hats when I teach. And yes, sometimes I wish classrooms and teaching could be what they used to be (whatever that is...cause at this point I am sure teachers back then were saying the same things...). I also know though, that despite the red tape, the struggle, the challenge, that I am the one who makes my job what it is. I am the only one responsible for my happiness as a teacher...and everyday that I wake up for work I will find something to make that day a good one.Today's thing: my AP class. They rocked a two day discussion and taught me things about The Great Gatsby that I never considered. (This is so long, and is actually one of the posts I generally overlook, so if you read is some cake and ice cream for your time.)

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