Thursday, August 29, 2013

School Days...

The week is almost over and I finally have some time to myself! I feel like I have been working, playing with the kids, planning, eating, or sleeping with very little time to sit down and just veg for a minute.

So school.

It's hard to really judge the school year based on one week, but, if this week is an indication, this year will be great. We have a new principal; she is young, and energetic, and seems to be just what we need. She definitely has a new vision for the school- one that, I think, will bring about a lot of positive change in the next months. I am excited to be the new SGA co-adviser with Tom, and the class of 2017 co-adviser. We had our first SGA meeting today and had 23 kids come! We were only going to have a brief planning meeting and ended up meeting for 45 minutes! The kids wouldn't stop talking-- it was awesome-- a steady flow of ideas, concerns, dreams of what our school can be. I am so energized by the excitement and passion that these kids are showing for their school. It makes me feel like things are moving in the right direction.

Class-wise, my schedule seems great (I feel like the silly TV chefs who overuse superlatives...great! wonderful! delicious! (ok, maybe not delicious)). The schedule itself flows well, and my classes (thus far) are motivated. I am enjoying my AP classes. The kids are excited for discussions, which always makes me happy! One of my students asked if we could analyze more political cartoons (we did yesterday) today because he enjoyed it. My honors classes need a bit of work because they are coming off a year of long term subs. In class surveys, they expressed the desire to be better writers (no joke, almost all of the kids wrote something about being a better writer), so I am going to gear lessons toward the writing process. I do love teaching tenth graders-- however, I don't know how much longer I want to teach the curriculum. I am getting a bit tired of ole' Oedipus. Next year might be time for a change. My final class is American Lit. I have never taught 11th grade outside of AP before, so this is a new experience. I am really enjoying this class though. My students are tired in the morning (1st period), but they are willing to participate and seem like a group of good kids.

So...all of this rambling...right now this year feels like one I need. Last  year was something of a mess around school, so starting the year fresh (in many ways) was necessary. I always say I feel so lucky to have such wonderful colleagues, and that, again, holds true. I work with a phenomenal group of people. Truly. Work is just better because they are there. And funny. And bring chocolate.

That is my first week assessment. I miss my kids (my own kids) terribly when I am away. I do wish I could be a mom who gets to stay home; however, working as a teacher is something I always wanted to do, to be, and my work is (typically) quite fulfilling. Here;s to the 2013-2014 school year and the adventure it brings! I am sure I will have more stories as we work through the year!!

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