Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bringing back...mid-week confessions!

I used to write my mid-week confessions a bit more regularly, but stopped my confessions. This week, they are back!

1. I can't stand when parents like their children run around restaurants (in a disruptive way). Tonight, we were at a restaurant that is child friendly, where a large group of parents were meeting (with their kids). While the parents ate and chatted, their kids ran around the restaurant, tried to push out the door, and took the crayons from the restaurant and dumped them all over. The parents occasionally tried to calm the kids, but for the most part they kids were all over the restaurant. I understand kids getting antsy at dinner, believe me, my daughter eats 2 pieces of food and wants to jump up and run around, but we find outlets for her (coloring at the table, finding another food she will eat, giving her a book). At the very least, one of the parents who had finished could have taken a few kids outside to walk around. 

2. I hate mommy wars. I am pretty sure they were made up for internet blogs. Who cares how a person raises her children as long as they are loved and cared for. And, also, daddy wars? Yeah, they don't exist. Let's take a cue.

3. I might be a little judgmental. Not to the extent of some people, but sometimes I catch myself thinking, "why would he/she do that?" My judgement is probably warranted in most situations (I know, someone is out there thinking, judgment is never warranted!). I think, though, we would all be lying if we said that we never judge others. I think it's just human nature. And, most of my judgments are of other moms. Yep, I said it. Usually the moms that do nutty things, like expect their 2 year olds to be reading. So, see, I think that is warranted. I should mention I keep these judgments in my head. Also, I am pretty sure other parents judge me. I am cool with it. 

He's pretty cute.
Lily at Campbell's First Communion.

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