Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kids will be kids.

There are these articles and blog posts. I wasn't sure what to call them, so, for lack of better words, I will call them battle of the sexes posts. They are "things moms of boys should know" or "things moms of girls will do".

And they are all wrong.

Take, for example, this post.

On that list, my almost-three-year-old-daughter checks off basically every box.

Gets messy. Check.
Makes a mess of bath time. Check.
She farts? Dissolves in laughter. Check.
Peed on the floor? Check.
Daredevil? Check.

And the list goes on and on.

These lists, these ideas, are not gender specific lists. When we get right down to it, kids will be kids. And, honestly, kids don't understand the concept of gender. My daughter told me she was a boy for months. Even when I said, nope, you're a girl. She insisted she had a penis. Only now, when she's almost three, is she finally understanding that girls and boys have different anatomy.

And still.

Kids are messy. Kids are silly. Kids are daring. Kids are. Not just the boys. Not just the girls.

So, let's stop the lists. Stop putting our kids into little boxes. Let's just let them be...


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