Thursday, June 19, 2014

A letter on the eve of 3...

Dear Lily,

Tomorrow you turn 3! That means, three years ago tonight, as in right now, I was in the hospital with an epidural waiting for you to be born. And boy do I mean waiting. You kept us waiting until 6am the next morning!

I cannot believe three years have passed by. When they say it goes quickly, well, they aren't lying. It's amazing how slowly time seems to move when you are child, but how quickly it passes when you are an adult. When I want to hold onto time a little longer--to snuggle your little self for a few more minutes--time just says NO and keeps on going.

In these three years you have become such a huge personality in a little person. Your smile and dimples just melt me. You can be the sweetest of the sweet, the sassiest of the sassy, and then grumpiest of the grumps. You are so smart. Truly. You surprise me with things all the time-- like when grandma told me that you said, "I want 5 jellybeans- 3 red, 1 blue, and 1 green" and you knew that added up to five! You are so pleased by your artwork that you make at school. You show it off so proudly to everyone who comes through our house. You also say the craziest, funniest things. Every night, when I take you up to bed, you say, "Goodnight father" to daddy. It cracks me up! You are so free spirited. You dance. You make up songs. You jump. You just are you.

I wish I could bottle up this three year old you and show it to teenage you. Why? Because when you are a teenager and things might get tough, I want to remind you just how magical you are. You are so sure of yourself, so confident, so determined. I love every little bit of the kid you are.

Lily Lou, you are my sunshine. Very truly. You are an awesome big sister to Jack. Your love for him is really the purest, most joyful love I have ever witnessed. I hope the two of you grow closer, and stay close, as you get older. Remember, he is, and will always be, your best ally. You two make me smile every single day.

Be bold, be brave, be Lily. I love you to pieces. I can't believe you're three!

Happy Birthday!

Love, Mommy

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