Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wow, this was a surpise!

So that blog post I deleted--my rant about teaching--has apparently made some waves, at least locally, about my perspective on the common core. After The Sun ran the post in their "Reader Commentary" section, it immediately got comments, both good and bad, on the post. When it hit the online paper, it got more comments. My email was attached to it, so I wasn't sure what that would mean, if it would bring many reader emails, or if it would go unnoticed. Well, it brought emails. Two emails from WBAL radio, an email from BCPS saying that Tim Tooten wanted to speak with me, an email from Loyola saying they posted the article, and numerous emails from teachers, parents, and others about my post. Initially, I thought that most responses I would get would be negative, but I was wrong. Most of the emails I have received are extremely positive; many of them saying that it is nice to see a different perspective. I am seriously humbled by this whole experience, and will definitely be more willing to make my opinions and my own voice heard in the future.

If you missed the piece in The Sun it can be found here: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/opinion/oped/bs-ed-common-core-stop-complaining-20140616,0,2591545.story

I will say, the title that The Sun gave the piece is a bit misleading. My post was never about the Common Core, specifically, so to name it as such is not the entire truth of the article. Fortunately, in the phone interview I gave, the interviewer did recognize that. I am still a bit shocked about some of the waves this has made. I have tried to make it abundantly clear that my point-of-view is that of a high school English teacher, which is clearly different from other viewpoints. I am just tired of hearing about viewpoints that I don't share, and that, I was sure, many others did not share.

Also, a big thanks to my colleagues who pushed me to share the piece with The Sun. I wasn't so sure about making it public, and they encouraged me to do so, as they feel the same way that I do. I surely work with inspiring and amazing people. I am so lucky to be surrounded by wonderful people. Hopefully, this post is only the beginning of a dialogue that I think needs to be had. There are so many components to education reform, but no one ever sees the whole story, and, when something is flawed, it automatically means to scrap the whole thing. Unfortunately for the new standards, the true test of their worth won't come to fruition until this year's kindergartners graduate from high school...and I am sure they will have been replaced by then.

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