Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yesterday our friends Glenn and Jess tied the knot. The wedding was beautiful and it was held at one of my favorite places-- Loyola. Jess looked beautiful and Glenn looked very handsome. The reception was great and marked my first alcoholic drink post-pregnancy (it was champagne, for those wondering)! It was really nice to get out and have a night dressing up, dinner, dancing, and friends...but I missed my Bean. Apparently, she decided to be as hungry as possible and drank basically everything that was left for her. When we got home she was sound asleep in my mom's arms, and, fortunately for us, she slept for four more hours after we got to bed (so we got some decent sleep after the fun). Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Savage!!

Pictured Above: The newlyweds! To the left: Tom and I before the reception. Six weeks postpartum...not too bad!

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