Friday, August 5, 2011

Of course...

...without fail I will sit down to pump and Lily will start screaming. She will be sound asleep, I will put her in her swing (a swing that she normally loves), and as soon as I am "hooked up" WAHHHHHH begins. No amount of cooing, talking, reasoning (ok, maybe not reasoning), will help her to calm down. Unlike Lily, Fred snoozes through everything, so he is on the couch asleep. If one can be jealous of a dog, I am.

Onto a more exciting brother comes home from China this weekend! He left June 12, just 8 days before Lily made her entrance into the world, so he has never met her. He has seen her pictures and we have sent updates, but I am just so excited for him to meet her. He will also be her godfather, so that is super special! After 2 months abroad, I am pretty sure Tim is ready for some American food. He has strongly conveyed his dislike of Chinese food, especially the soup. I suppose we should have a big, juicy burger with fries waiting for him when he gets off the plane. Oh, and, interesting fact...he will get 2 Sundays this week...a Chinese one and an American one!

Finally, we have set a date for Lily's baptism-- October 8. My uncle Dan, who is a deacon, will perform the baptism. I am oddly excited. Maybe it has something to do with my devout adoration of Mary (this dates back to four-year-old me pretending to be Mary at Christmas) or the idea that Lily's baptism will be the first big event in her life. Despite some of the problems within the Catholic Church, I am glad that Lily will have some form of religion in her life. I believe that the morals that a person gains through religion, or any form of belief system, is invaluable. Plus, a little bit of good old fashioned Catholic guilt never hurt anyone. (Sarah and I also came up with some catchy slogans for a baptism-- our best, in my opinion-- "How do you get defeat the devil? I do it with a little holy water and cooking oil!" Ok, so it's not cooking oil, it's holy oil, and this slogan may get us excommunicated, but we think it is pretty catchy!

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