Friday, August 26, 2011

One Week Down...

...too many to go! Well, the first week of school is done. This week was marked with meetings (not so much fun), classroom and lesson prep, and a new green screen (and some excellent anchoring by Mindi and Sarah). Leaving Lily the first day was really hard. I kept thinking about what I would be missing while I was at work, what she was doing, how cute she was looking ;-) As the week went on, it got a little easier, but not much. I am hoping that as weeks go on and a routine is established things will get easier. I do have to say, coming home from work to my little Bean is my favorite part of the day. She is babbling and cooing so much! She is also giving some excellent smiles.

This school year will definitely be hard. Each year presents its own challenges...planning a wedding, being pregnant, balancing teaching and coaching and being an advisor and having a really, this year's challenge is learning how to be a mom and a teacher. I know I am going to need to adjust when I plan and grade because I will want my home time to be Lily time, not OM time. I think learning how to do that will be the biggest change for me because I am so used to grading at home and planning rather last minute. Not the most effective way to function as a teacher, but it always worked for me. Once I figure out this new balance, I think things will just kind of fall into place. Until then, I am working on a learning curve and taking things one day at a time.

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