Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I've been a bit busy...

So apparently, these blogs posts are not easy to squeeze in during the day. Between planning, grading, teaching, mommying, and wifeing, I have been a busy bee. This all, however, caught up with me today when I woke up with a nasty cold. Being pregnant makes it a but challenging to have a cold because I am limited in the medicine that I can take. So, it's a lot of rest, fluids, and soup. I took the day off to get some much needed sleep (and got some smiles from my girl who was being watched by grandma) and to rest up. I am hoping to get back to work tomorrow (yes, hoping, because I know how much work sub plans are).

Enough about my cold, though. Today marks the 18th week of this pregnancy! Exciting stuff! In exactly one week we get to find out whether this little poppy seed is a boy or girl. I can barely contain myself. I am dreaming about finding out, and I am antsy in my dreams. It is crazy! I have no inkling about whether or not this is a boy or girl. I knew with certainty that Lily was a girl. I KNEW it. This time, no clue. I will be equally happy with either, which most people say is a lie, but I swear that's true. If it's a girl we can re-use clothing and Lily gets a sister. If it's a boy, well, we don't have one of those, so yay!

In other news, Lily is doing fantastically well (what's new? she is a fantastic toddler!). I think she either had a touch of the cold I have, or was teething or both, because the amount of drool and snot coming from her face for the past three days was insane. She was also chewing on everything, waking up crying, and generally seemed a bit not I tend to think teeth. Maybe molars? She is just the funniest little toddler and makes us laugh (and herself laugh) every single day. It is so awesome to watch her grow up and learn new things. She is talking much more. She says the words ball and rock (as in, rock in a rocking chair) consistently. She is a stubborn little thing, and will only say things when she wants, but that is no surprise...because, well, look at her parents. I swear the other day she said the word delicious when I told her, her dinner was delicious, but she never repeated it. Tomorrow, she is 15 months old! Definitely becoming a big girl!

School is school. I really have some good classes this year (and I really have one not so good one). I have already dealt with a bullying problem, which was really horrible. Today, one of my kids was involved in a really bad fight. It makes me a little nervous to even be in that class because, being pregnant, I can't do much to help break up a fight. Not that I am a fight breaker-upper normally, but I am really not in a position to intervene other than to call for help. Or run for help. Or shout for help. Oh well. Hopefully, things will calm down. My other classes, however, are problem free. Other than talkative teenagers, I foresee very few issues in those classes. (In my AP class yesterday we had a lock down drill. One of my students looked at me and said, "what about you? You are pregnant, we have to protect you if something bad happens!" I told her I could take care of myself, but I really appreciated my concerned little APers!)

Ok, let me go and try more tricks to kick this cold. More fluids. More rest. More fluids...and the beat goes on...

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  1. Don't worry. Next fight that involves one of my kids vs one of yours, I got your back.