Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's a...

BOY! And a good looking little man, at that. We had a great ultrasound this morning. The tech was awesome and printed tons of pictures. The little guy is measuring right on track, which is awesome.

I do have a follow-up ultrasound in 4 weeks because the doctor (and tech) noticed an echogenic bowel. This basically means the bowel looked brighter on the ultrasound. It could indicate the following:

1. A normal variation. The baby scanned incredibly well, meaning, the tech could see even little finger and foot bones. This is not the case in every ultrasound. The doctor said for some, it is very hard to see things, but for me, the ultrasound was very, very clear. Because of this, the bowel could have appeared brighter than it really is.

2. The baby swallowed blood (which sounds worse than it is).

3. An abnormality. The bright bowel could indicated downs, cystic fibrosis (I am negative for that, so it was ruled out), or trisomy 13 or 18.

The doctor said we could get the quad screening, or we could get follow-up ultrasounds. Right now, we are going with follow-ups. The problem can correct itself, so we are hoping that is the case. I see my OB on Tuesday, and will talk with her about it more.

Neither Tom, nor I, are super concerned. Lily had chorid plexus cysts at her 19 week ultrasound (also a soft marker for genetic problems) and they went away by the follow-up ultrasound.

So, all-in-all, we had a great morning! Super excited that we have a little boy on the way! I may have already purchased a few boy things...

Will post a few pictures later!!

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