Saturday, September 1, 2012

I love to talk as much as mommy...

Lily hasn't been much for talking until recently. She likes to say "EH EH EH" and point. In the last week, my girl has said "ball" (which sounds a little southern) and "hello". She added these to the ever popular mama, dada, dogdog, and no! no! no! I am also pretty sure she said milk one time, too, but she is not giving that word out freely, either.

I don't necessarily think Lily doesn't know how to form words, but, rather, that she is stubborn and will say them when she wants to, not when others ask. For example, the first time she said ball, she picked up a ball and threw it at my mom while yelling "ball!". When you say, "Lily, say ball!" she looks at you like you have three heads. The child will repeat every single noise you make (including a funny little fake cough), but words are just another story.

We are currently enjoying a lovely three day weekend. It's been a pretty busy little Saturday, but I hit a great Carter's sale and got Lily some seasonal stuff (her Halloween dress, her Thanksgiving dress, and some Christmas pjs). I also got some fall Yankee candles, so my house can smell like the season (I adore autumn!).

I am calmly and patiently anxiously awaiting my 16 week OB appointment and 19 week ultrasound. I am so curious to find out if this little baby is a boy or girl! And I love my OB appointments because I get to hear his or her glorious little heartbeat. Once we know the gender I am going to get started planning a new room. I cannot wait! Lily will get a big girl room, and little one will get a pretty (or handsome) nursery. Fun all around!

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