Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Confessions and 21 weeks!

First...I am 21 weeks! MORE than halfway there! Crazy. Baby is starting to move much more, and in definite sleep and awake patterns. He also likes when I eat. He moves a lot after getting food. It's very amusing! I am not really craving anything to weird. I feel pretty good. Tired. I have a cold that really is really lingering, but I don't know if it's a cold...or allergies...or pregnancy related congestion. Hard to say. I am definitely achy and feel everything pulling...much more than with Lily. It's crazy how your body is conditioned to just be like "oh, hey! pregnant again! I know this!"

Now my confessions...

I would love to see the Os beat the Yanks (but I am not sure they will...but I hope they will!)!
I am really tired.
Work is hard. Harder than it usually is. And I am really getting tired of everything.

So, go me for ending this blog on a Debbie downer note. But yay for 19 weeks remaining until I meet my little baby boy!

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