Sunday, October 21, 2012

Second post today...

So, I have been meaning to update my blog and just keep forgetting, or keep not having time, or I fall asleep...anyway...

This week I hit the 22 week mark in my pregnancy! This means there are only 18 weeks remaining in my pregnancy. This is crazy. I have a list of things that I need (well, Tom and I need) to get accomplished before this baby arrives.

The first big thing is Lily's big girl room. We don't have a ton to do...already have the bedding for the room, which was the first thing we really needed. We picked out some paint chips, but we need to pick out the official color (it will be yellow, just not sure which shade of yellow). I have been looking at different things to decorate the walls, but haven't made up my mind what I like the most. I have also been looking at valances and fabric for the room, but can't decide on that maybe this decorating comes down to my indecisive nature (and explains why it is taking so long to make decisions!). The room is mostly cleaned out, though, which is a big bonus.

We are decorating Jack's room in a baseball theme (well, a modern-ish baseball theme). Lots of geometric wall decor...then just plain bed sheets. I like the idea of a "theme" but not a super baby theme. I can't wait to see what it looks like when things all come together.

What else...the baby moves A LOT. He really moves a lot after I eat, so I suppose he loves food. We have picked up a few things for the little man...a few little outfits...and we got the stroller and a new car seat. We made registries, not because we are having another shower, but because I want the coupons you get to finish them! We do need some new stuff for him, so registries are also a good reminder for me about what we will need.

Tomorrow is our follow up ultrasound. I am looking forward to seeing the baby again. My fingers are also crossed, and prayers are being said, that the echogenic bowel has resolved itself. I suppose we will know at around 9:30 tomorrow morning.

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