Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just a Wednesday Post...

I am 20 weeks today! Halfway there! I can't believe how quickly things are moving. I think having a toddler at home definitely helps push time along (because I can't say school is really moving time along at all...). As far as how I am feeling...right now I feel pretty good. I am definitely feeling the stretching and pulling now, which is much earlier than I felt any pulling or stretching with Lily. Little man is moving around a lot lately, which was clearly evident on the ultrasound and when the doctor used the Doppler (there were a lot of thuds in there). I haven't been craving anything in particular, I just get very hungry. All-in-all things are going well, which is really everything I could ask for!

Tonight for dinner I made homemade Alice Springs Chicken (like the Outback version). It was AMAZING. Better than the chicken from Outback (at least, in my opinion). You can find the recipe here. I didn't make the honey mustard, just used pre-made Ken's honey mustard dressing. Also, we didn't use the onion flakes, we used the fried onion bits (which, I think added more flavor). It takes some time to make because the chicken has to rest for 30 minutes and the bacon needs to be fried, but the results are awesome. Even Tom ate the mushrooms! (We also used the thin cut chicken breasts, so I didn't need to pound the chicken. Ours didn't need any extra sauce, I think I may have over-sauced it initially, but you could definitely serve some on the side, if so desired. We will definitely make this again!

And you is school. Nothing earth shattering going on. I am kind of dragging lately, but that is sort expected. Everyone is a bit overwhelmed lately, but being a teacher can be just plain overwhelming sometimes. I am just trying to make sure I always have my priorities in line, that I don't take anything (or myself) to seriously, and I try really hard not to let my kids get to me (even when they work really hard to do so...). It usually works!

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