Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Some good things...

So school is a bit...much lately...so rather than venting about school, I am going to update on some good things going on...

Today I had my monthly OB appointment. It was also the follow-up to the anatomy scan that we had last week. My OB was completely reassuring and said the echogenic bowel is probably nothing. She said she has been a lot of these lately, and suspects it might be the equipment. She also said, since it is the only soft marker the baby has that it will likely clear up on its own. She was so optimistic about everything, and really reassured me that things should be ok. I know it's not 100%, but I feel really good about the health of the baby. He is growing as he should be, his little heart is beating as it should be, and he is moving around like crazy! We will definitely be doing follow-up ultrasounds to make sure the bowel clears up, but we don't need to do any further testing. Yay!

Yesterday, was October 1st. In honor of the month change I will be listing the things I love about October:

1. It is really autumn. The leaves are turning. The air is chilling. It's really the best time of year.
2. Pumpkin Spice Lattes.
3. Sweaters and boots (and leggings, because let's face it, anything that has stretch in it is a huge win right now).
4. Halloween! Lily is going to be a pumpkin this year!
5. Ravens football is in full swing, and that is ALWAYS a good thing.
6. The Orioles are still playing! I cannot say this every year, so I am really enjoying it this year. Hello October baseball!
7. Delicious comfort food..stew, chili, casserole...yum.
8. Turning off the a/c and opening windows. And smaller BGE bills.
9. This is also not a normal October thing, but I am seeing Wicked this month. It is my second time going, and I am super excited!
10. It's quickly becoming the holiday season! I love Thanksgiving and Christmas and I can practically taste the turkey and hear the carols!

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